Partie Poche Phone Holder Update | Season 4

Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard created a garter-shaped phone holder for women. Will their product earn them a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Partie Poche update!

Shark Tank Partie Poche Update

Partie Poche Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard
  • Business: Garter-shaped phone holder
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

When Loyola Marymount University students Connor and Jillian appeared on the tank, eager to show off the Partie Poche, which they claimed provided a solution for women who needed a place to store their phones without having to carry a purse.

Barbara Corcoran kicked things off by asking about sales, learning that the duo sold 200 units online so far. Daymond John asked how much the units sold for, and the two founders said that they started off at $17, but eventually increased the price to $39. Against a $4 cost, the margins were not bad.

Kevin O’Leary took issue with the valuation, but Connor and Jillian claimed they could accurately predict that they would sell 200,000 units of Partie Poche in the next twelve months. Despite having only 200 units sold, Jillian believed that her projections indicated that their $500,000 valuation for the sharks was a generous deal for them.

Jillian continued on to say that she had recently sat with the VP of Nordstrom, but had not secured a purchase order because she was out of inventory. She also shared that Partie Poche had $50,000 sitting in their account, which they secured from another investor who brought them a designer and supplier.

Unfortunately, they also shared that they gave up 40% equity to this investor, meaning they were offering the sharks a worse deal than they had recently offered another investor.

Kevin, still displeased about the valuation, was the first shark to go out. Robert Herjavec followed out over their lack of sales. Not long after, Barbara Daymond John and Mark Cuban also went out. What happened next for the entrepreneurs? Keep reading our Partie Poche update to find out!

Unfortunately, Conner and Jillian were unable to get their brand off the ground, and eventually sold Partie Poche to a company called Audacis. Within a year of that sale, Audacis went out of business. As for Connor and Jillian, things worked out anyway. Connor, as of 2022, works as a Wealth Advisor at JAG Capital Management, while Jillian became the CEO of Pier Asset Management. This will be our final Partie Poche update.

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