Daisy Cakes Update | Shark Tank Season 2

A great homemade cake takes a lot of effort to make. Because of this, Kim Nelson brings her homemade cakes to Shark Tank Season 2, to prove how a mail order cake business can take off. Will the sharks bite and give her a sweet deal? Find out in our Daisy Cakes update!

Shark Tank Daisy Cakes Update

Daisy Cakes update

  • Entrepreneur: Kim Nelson
  • Business: Mail order cakes 
  • Ask: $50,000 for 25% equity  
  • Result: $50,000 for 25% equity, and $1 per cake royalty until recouped investment
  • Shark: Barbara Corcorans

Kim brings her company, Daisy Cakes, to Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 6. She also brings her Southern charm, and enthusiasm, as she introduces her cake business.

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She claims that her Daisy Cakes, are the best cakes the sharks will ever put in their mouth. They are made from her family recipes, made by hand, and use only natural ingredients.

Best of all, they can be shipped to customers. The charming appeal of the packaging features a brightly decorated, and labeled tin container, that really plays up the homemade charm.

The cakes are shipped nationwide, frozen, and on dry ice. Each cake retails for $44.50 online, and costs $18 to make.

When the sharks taste their samples, they devour the treats. Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran say the cakes are the best they’ve ever had.

At the time of filming, she had recorded 3 months of sales, at $27,000. These customers came from Junior League shows and fundraisers, but she’s hoping to get on a shopping network.

Just then, Kevin O’Leary speaks up, and wants to know how Kim will handle high demand if he gets her on HSN. She says she can put out 5,000 in 30 days.

Additionally, she is working with Whole Foods, to get her lemon curd in the grocery chain. That said, she will need help from a shark to keep up with production and distribution.

Kevin Harrington says he’s seen the same products in catalogues.

Robert thinks she has a good regional outlook, and wants to know why she doesn’t stick to that level. However, Kim wants the business to be huge.

Kevin O. is the first shark to go out. He says he doesn’t want to face the challenge that lays ahead.

Kevin H. goes out next for the same reason.

Robert is also out. He doesn’t think that the company is investable yet.

Daymond is next to go out, because the business is too small. 

Last but not least, Barbara is the only shark that remains. She points out that all the other sharks took another bite of cake, after going out.

Further, she really appreciates Kim’s style. She has two conditions for Kim, with an offer.

For every cake sold, she wants a $1 royalty, until the investment is recouped. Plus, she wants Kim’s mother to remain on the baking team.

Then, she offers $50,000, for 25% equity in Daisy Cakes. Kim enthusiastically agrees, and leaves Shark Tank with a deal!

Do you think this cake business worked out? Keep reading our Daisy Cakes update to find out what happened following the show!

Our Daisy Cakes update shows that the company is still in business. Barbara quickly recouped her investment, and Kim reached all fifty states with her cakes.

Despite some obstacles along the way, Daisy Cakes currently has $4 million in annual revenue. You can find all their delicious offerings on the Daisy Cakes website

Additionally, if you’d like to give some of Kim’s recipes a try, she has two popular cookbooks for sale on Amazon.

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