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Brenda Lee Feldman entered Shark Tank Season 7 to pitch her company Inchbug. With the big success of its first product, the Orbit Labels, Brenda is now seeking an investment from the sharks into her new product, MyDrinky. What will the sharks think about her plans on Shark Tank Season 7? Read our InchBug update to find out.

Shark Tank InchBug Update

InchBug Update

  • Entrepreneur: Brenda Lee Feldman
  • Business: Juice box holder
  • Ask: $400,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Brenda entered Shark Tank Season 7 ready to offer a stake in her company, Inchbug. She introduced her new product, MyDrinky, designed to contain most spills from juice boxes. The juice box holder would prevent kids from squeezing the boxes and making a mess on their clothes, the furniture, and the car.

InchBug Tropical Lagoon Orbit Personalized Labels

Adjustable to fit most juice boxes and pouches. Top locks in drink! BPA and Pthlalate-free. Made in USA. Fits most juice boxes and pouches, including small 4 oz. boxes and tall 8 oz. boxes.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Brenda offered samples of both her products to the sharks. Barbara Corcoran turned the holder upside down to show it still spilled from the top, but MyDrinky was designed to prevent squeezing.

The sharks immediately honed in on the huge success of the Orbit Labels. They focused their line of questioning on that because of the huge earnings it had. Lori Greiner checked if the ask was for the whole company, and Brenda confirmed it was.

Kevin O’Leary expressed that he didn’t think the MyDrinky would be anywhere as successful as the Orbit Labels. Brenda then stated that she wanted MyDrinky to go into retail, which stopped Kevin in his tracks immediately. Barbara also said that going into retail would make it a completely different business.

Kevin highlighted that the success of Brenda’s franchise relied on online sales. He repeated that he hated the idea of the product in retail, and thought she should continue focusing on labels. Brenda countered that by saying it would be a huge opportunity.

Lori said she could try it out, but if she got inventory stuck in a store that didn’t sell through it would end up being a big loss. Robert Herjavec pointed out that Brenda had $2 million in recurring revenue per year from the labels. The retail focus made him go out.

Mark Cuban also didn’t believe in the retail plan and went out. Barbara was put off by the complicated design of MyDrinky and believed the product had no future. She went out. Lori reiterated that Brenda should focus on her winning product.

Surprisingly, Kevin offered Brenda a deal. He put an offer on the table of $400,000 with a royalty of $1 per unit until he would get back three times his investment with no perpetuity but a 5% stake. He insisted that the offer would be conditional on the retail plan being dropped.

Brenda was not comfortable with that condition and refused the offer, leaving Shark Tank without a deal. Keep reading our InchBug update to find out what happened after the episode aired.

Our InchBug update reveals that Brenda’s company has been thriving since her appearance on Shark Tank. She has gone into some independent shops but doesn’t seem to have pursued huge retail deals.

The MyDrinky is currently being sold at $10.95 on the Inchbug website. Brenda has also launched Orbit Label 2.0 which improves on the original product and is making an estimated $5 million in annual sales.

When we get more news on an InchBug update we will be sure to let you know!

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