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Kids get a lot of candy at Halloween, and parents are often concerned that it’s too much for them. All of this candy just isn’t healthy, so Rob Bouley and Lara Riley sought to change it. They came across a Halloween fable – the Switch Witch – that trades candy for presents. Will their product wow the sharks when they bring it to Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Switch Witch update. 

Shark Tank Switch Witch Update

Switch Witch Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Rob Bouley and Lara Riley
  • Business: Halloween storybook to reduce sugar consumption during Halloween
  • Ask: $55,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Switch Witch was a new holiday tradition, on par with Elf on the Shelf – or so Rob and Lara wanted you to believe. They demonstrated how the tradition worked. Three children in Halloween costumes – one dressed as a shark – dumped all of their candy into a bowl. When they went to sleep, the ‘Switch Witch’ exchanged their bowl of candy for special gifts. 

This wasn’t a new concept, they just made it their own. The sharks seemed confused about the process, so Rob and Lara explain it a few more times. Mark Cuban said that it had to be viral and that they were trying to force it. 

During their first season in business, Switch Witch sold 815 units. Kevin O’Leary thought the product had merit, but he is hung up on the fact that it isn’t an original idea. He went out, telling them they should take it behind the barn and burn it. 

Robert Herjavec liked free candy on Halloween and didn’t like the idea, so he went out. Lori Greiner brought up that Halloween is a single day, not a season – so it didn’t work for her, and she was out. Mark said it needed to go organically viral, which it hadn’t. He went out as a result. 

In an attempt to be nicer, Daymond John said it could be a hobby that becomes a great business for them, but it was too soon to be investible, so he was out. Unfortunately, Switch Witch walked away without a deal. Find out where you can get one now in our Switch Witch update.

If you thought about purchasing a Switch Witch for your kids, there’s good news! Our Switch Witch update found that the company is still in business, with seasonal marketing that starts mid-August. You can purchase your new family tradition at the Switch Witch website.

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