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Chris Rannefors and Harrison Broadhurst came onto Shark Tank with the hopes of securing a $100,000 investment for 16% equity in their company BatBNB. Their company specializes in building backyard homes for bats, which generally eat pests and insects that may be lurking nearby. Let’s see if the sharks were interested in making an investment in such a unique and niche business before we get our BatBNB update.

Shark Tank BatBNB Update

BatBnB Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Chris Rannefors and Harrison Broadhurst
  • Business: Anti-Pest Accessories / Bat Houses
  • Ask: $100,000 for 16% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 33.3% equity
  • Sharks: Kevin O’Leary

With eleven months in business, Chris and Harrison admitted to the sharks that they initially launched a crowdfunding campaign to help start the business. During that time, the company has generated about $135,000 in sales.

A single unit costs about $80, while it can be purchased by customers for about three times that amount. Several of the sharks were concerned with the idea of making an investment. They weren’t confident that the company was even investable in the sense that they could get their money back in a timely manner. These were the reasons that Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban quickly dropped out without making an offer.

Daymond John didn’t believe that the product was useful or necessary, so he dropped out as well. Lori Greiner wasn’t interested in making an offer but Kevin O’Leary had remained quiet and was considering his options. After some thinking, he offered $100,000 for 33.3% equity. Chris and Harrison ultimately accepted Kevin’s offer.

You might be excited to hear about our BatBNB update to see how the company’s been doing as it’s been relatively smooth sailing since appearing on Shark Tank.

In our BatBNB update, we found that the company has been in the headlines a few times and has managed to grow its internal sales numbers to about $1 million per year. In addition, they have managed to stay in business despite the deal with Kevin never being finalized and still have an active website.

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