No Fly Cone Trap Update | Season 4

Cowboy Bruce Gaither came up with an interesting way to attract and trap pesky flies. Will he also attract a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our No Fly Cone update!

Shark Tank No Fly Cone Update

No Fly Cone Update

  • Entrepreneur: Bruce Gaither
  • Business: Cone-shaped fly trap
  • Ask: $25,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Bruce created the No Fly Cone to deal with the hordes of flies buzzing around his farm and barn. As he demonstrated how the product worked, he told the sharks that it required your dog, or horse, to poop and, instead of picking up the poop, you put a cone over it to collect the flies it attracts.

Daymond John was perplexed, wondering out loud why you wouldn’t just pick up the poop to solve the problem. Bruce said that even though you could do that, there’s still residue on the grass and on your poop scooper, if you use one, and so the cone works in these scenarios.

At this juncture, Seth MacFarlane wanders into the tank, delighting everyone by doing his famous Stewie Griffin voice. While everyone was excited to see Seth, Kevin O’Leary went out, finding the product ridiculous. Mark Cuban went out next, telling Bruce and Seth that he had no connections to help. Daymond also went our for the same reason.

Lori Greiner spoke next and said she simply could not get over how the product worked. The fact that someone would have to leave the excrement sitting around to attract the flies seemed wrong in her opinion, and so she was out. Robert Herjavec didn’t think he’d be a helpful partner, making him the last shark to drop out.

Bruce and Seth thanked the sharks and left the tank. Did Bruce take off with his No Fly Cone, or was it a no go? Keep reading our No Fly Cone update to find out!

We have sad news to share in our No Fly Cone update. Immediately after airing, Bruce was able to get his No Fly Cone into select ACE Hardware stores, and sold on his own website as well. However, in 2016, No Fly Cone went out of business. This will be our final No Fly Cone update.

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