The WISP Broom Update | Shark Tank Season 10

Entrepreneur Eben Dobson pitched his cleaning invention during Shark Tank Season 10. The WISP is a broom and dustpan combo, with innovative design features, and high-quality design materials. Will he ultimately sweep up a deal? Find out in The WISP update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to The WISP after Shark Tank!

Eben Dobson appeared on Shark Tank Season 10, but ultimately walked away without a deal. In terms of The WISP update, the company is still in business. Products were once available on Amazon, and some select retailers, however the expanded product line appears to be sold exclusively on the company website.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban No offer
Kevin O’Leary  No offer
Sara Blakely No offer
Lori Greiner  No offer
Barbara Corcoran  No offer

Shark Tank The WISP Update

The WISP update

  • Entrepreneurs: Eben Dobson
  • Business: Broom/dustpan combo
  • Ask: $500,000 for 10% equity
  • Result:  No deal
  • Sharks: None

Eben Dobson, inventor of The WISP, says that his revolutionary floor cleaning system is going to disrupt an industry that hasn’t changed in centuries. That’s because he has reinvented the broom and the dustpan.

He says that ‘wishing’ is far more efficient than sweeping. Everyone knows that sweeping isn’t the most effective way to get the crumbs, dust, and other small messes up off the floor.

Further, it can be impossible to get it all swept into the dustpan, and the process puts strain on your back. However, The WISP, is used in a back and forth motion, as opposed to side-t0-side.

Also, the bristles are short, dense, and 90 degrees to the floor, which ultimately creates a nice seal to the ground. Additionally, the dustpan is used by stepping on the back, which seals the front of the pan to the floor.

The dustpan also had combs on the side, which allow you to easily clean out the bristles, right into the pan.

After Eben’s demonstration of the products, the sharks were ready to get right down to business.

In terms of lifetime sales, Eben proudly announces that more than 100,000 units have already been sold. Altogether, this has brought in a revenue of $3.3 million.

However, his company was struggling to find profits annually. He told the sharks that he lost more than $600,000 over the past years in losses, due to his own personal financial decisions relating to the company.

As the sharks quickly dug through the mathematics of Eben’s business, they realized that he had major money troubles. It became clear that he had lost more than $2 million in recent years, adding up to a mountainous collection of cumulative losses for his company over the last decade.

After coming to this conclusion, Barbara Corcoran decided to announce that she was dropping out first.

Mark Cuban dropped out quickly after for similar reasons.

Despite the financial troubles, Kevin O’Leary decided to make an offer. He ultimately offered him $500,000 for 50% equity in the company.

It appeared that they had struck a deal when Eben initially agreed to it, before stuttering a few times and trying to speak to Lori Greiner. That was enough for Kevin O’Leary because he dropped out immediately and expressed his frustration to Eben.

After such a controversial ending for Eben in the tank, let’s take a look at how his company is doing following Shark Tank!

We have good news to share in The WISP update. The company is still in business, despite losing a deal on Shark Tank.

It also seems that Lori Greiner eventually reached out to Eben to help spread the word about the broom. It appears that Lori went above and beyond to help promote the product for Eben and his company.

If you’re sick and tired of traditional sweeping, you can pick up The WISP on The WISP company website. Also be sure to check out their expanded product line, which include mops, vacuums, and more!

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