Reviver Clothing Wipes Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Stinky clothes can be a real problem. Cigarette smoke, food, pets or smelly teens can all affect the way clothes smell. That’s why brothers Ben and Eric Kusin wanted to come up with an easy, user friendly solution to this common problem. Will the sharks sniff out a deal on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our Reviver update!

Shark Tank Reviver Update

Reviver Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Ben Kusin and Eric Kusin
  • Business: Odor removing wipes for clothing
  • Ask: $150,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $150,000 for 15% equity
  • Sharks: Lori Greiner

Ben and Eric invited shark Lori Greiner to sniff a shirt that the brothers had stored in a sealed bag with burgers and fries.  Her reaction was as expected, the shirt smelled terrible! But with a swipe of a Reviver wipe, the smell of the shirt was instantly improved. Lori was impressed.

Freshness on the Go
2-Pack: Reviver Freshening Swipe

Instantly removes pesky odors from clothing, whether from the gym, your favorite restaurant or that smoky bar. Dry and reusable 10x! Safe, made in USA, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

While the results of the product appeared good, the sharks wanted to know about the numbers.

Ben and Eric told the sharks that their entrepreneur father had invested $2 million in the company. This astounding number shocked the sharks and raised a lot of questions.

At the time when Ben and Eric pitched their Reviver wipes, they had been in business for about ten months and had generated more than $500,000 in gross revenue sales. Almost half of the company’s sales came from a partnership with Petco.

Mark Cuban decided to drop out first, followed by Kevin O’Leary shortly after.

Barbara Corcoran also decided to drop out, being too concerned with the family’s wealth. She believed this could potentially harm their motivation.

Lori on the hand, was impressed with the product. She made an offer for $150,000, requesting 15% equity in return. Robert Herjavec offered $150,000 for 10%.

The brothers ultimately decided to accept Lori’s offer. What happened next for this business? Find out in our Reviver update!

Research for our Reviver update revealed that the product is currently still available on Amazon, but it is unclear if the company is still in business. A company website cannot be found and social media accounts have not been active for a number of years.

It seems like Ben and Eric have decided to close up shop and are just selling off their remaining inventory. However, we will keep an eye on it and if we get more news on a Reviver update, we will let you know!

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