The Baby Toon Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Beginning as a 1st-grade science fair project, The Baby Toon is a 2-in-1 soft baby spoon and teething toy, perfect for babies and toddlers to feed themselves without risk of injury on a hard handle. Cassidy Crowley and her mom, Lori, pitched their product during Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 1, when Cassidy was just 10 years old. Lori and Cassidy asked for $50,000 for 50% of their company. So what happened to Cassidy’s company after her time in the tank? We’ve got a full The Baby Toon update to find out.

Shark Tank The Baby Toon Update

The Baby Toon update shark tank

  • Entrepreneur: Cassidy and Lori Crowley
  • Business: Silicone 2-in-1 baby and toddler spoons and teether toys
  • Ask: $50,000 for 50% equity
  • Result: $50,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner

As part of the pitch, Cassidy mentioned that The Baby Toon was invented for a science fair she entered when she was in 1st grade, as her baby sister was beginning to feed herself. Lori was concerned about the hard spoon handles hurting her and Cassidy came up with a solution. She showed the sharks her prototype from the science fair, as well as the current product. At the time of their pitch in 2019, her company was beginning to get some sales, and Cassidy was seeking a shark to take over half of the company so she can focus on school and being a 10-year-old.

The Baby Toon™ Silicone Teething Spoon, Lime Alligator

As seen on Shark Tank, the Baby Toon is a two-in-one chew toy and baby spoon created by child inventor Cassidy.

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Right off the bat, the sharks were impressed by Cassidy’s entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age, and at how innovative her product was. The square shape of the teether/handle aspect of The Baby Toon allows for babies and toddlers to hold their own spoon with ease, while also limiting how far the spoon could fit into babies’ mouths. Further, the FDA-grade silicone is soft and gentle on babies’ and toddlers’ gums.

While all of the sharks were impressed with Cassidy, Lori Greiner was the only one to offer her a deal; she offered exactly what Cassidy asked for, $50,000 for 50%equity. After accepting Lori’s offer, Kevin let Cassidy sit in his chair, so she could feel what it’s like to be a shark. So where is Cassidy and her company now? Here is our The Baby Toon update.

Since 2019, The Baby Toon has done very well and has entered a licensing deal with the baby brand Munchkin. The Baby Toon is currently sold through Munchkin, Amazon, and other retail stores. There are currently three colors of the spoon, Blue Koala, Lime Alligator, and Mint Elephant, which are all sold for $6.

Cassidy’s company has a lot of potential for expansion in the baby product niche, so we will be sure to share another The Baby Toon update when we hear more about the company.

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