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Daymond John believed in Angelica and Jason Sweeting back in Season 8 when he agreed to invest $200,000 for 30% equity in their culturally inclusive doll company, Naturally Perfect Dolls. The two came in asking for $200,000 for 20% and only had to give up a bit more equity to get what they wanted. Did Daymond make a good deal? Find out in our Naturally Perfect Dolls update. 

Shark Tank Naturally Perfect Dolls Update

Naturally Perfect Dolls Update

  • Entrepreneur: Angelica and Jason Sweeting
  • Business: Culturally inclusive dolls
  • Ask: $200,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $200,000 for 30% with 60% going to the founders and 10% to charity
  • Shark: Daymond John

The Miami-based husband-and-wife duo entered the Shark Tank with their two little girls and told the sharks of an ongoing dilemma. As Angelica explained, children today are constantly bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards. This is why the couple decided to make Naturally Perfect Dolls. They wanted young girls to have proper role models. Ultimately, their goal was to fight against the common misconception that only certain people are beautiful.

According to the couple, the company was founded off of an initial investment of $1,500. After launching their first doll in May 2015, the company quickly cleared its inventory. Eventually, they went on to make other dolls. The sharks balked at the high price point, but this is why Angelica and Jason need their help. 

If they could produce more dolls at once, they could drastically lower manufacturing costs. 

Not all of the sharks believed the business could be successful. Kevin O’Leary pointed out that bigger companies like Mattel have tried to take the same approach in the past. All of these attempts have failed. Lori Greiner left the deal after mentioning the other big players in the industry. 

Robert Herjavec went out because of the high price point. Kevin followed. Mark Cuban dropped out next, stating that the company’s goal would complicate the business side of things. 

The only shark to make an offer was Daymond John, who felt like he could resonate with the company’s mission. Initially, he offered to invest $200,000 but for 33.3%. The couple countered back with 25%. Then, Daymond countered with his final offer: 30% for himself, 60% for Angelica and Jason, and 10% to charity. The entrepreneurs accepted this deal.

Unfortunately, research for our Naturally Perfect Dolls update didn’t return any good news. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has gone out of business. As it turns out, Daymond never closed the deal with Angelica and Jason. Meanwhile, Naturally Perfect Dolls struggled to keep up with the huge influx of orders following their Shark Tank appearance. 

Even though some of their orders came a couple of months later, Naturally Perfect Dolls continued accepting orders through December 2018. However, the company never delivered some of the dolls that were ordered. Jason and Angelica have since taken down the company’s social media pages and website. 

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