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SORx Muscle Soap Update | Shark Tank Season 15

David Restiano and Dr. Dan Staats pitched their soap products during Shark Tank Season 15. SORx isn’t your average bar of soap, however. That’s because it’s meant to help revive sore, tired muscles. Will they convince a shark to come on board with an investment? Find out in our SORx update and pitch recap!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to SORx after Shark Tank!

Entrepreneur David Restiano and Dr. Dan Staats appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 and ultimately got a deal with Mark Cuban of $100,000 for 20% equity. In terms of a SORx update, the company is still in business and received a nice boost in sales after airing on Shark Tank.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban Accepted offer for $100,000 for 20% equity
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer

Shark Tank SORx Update

SORx update

  • Entrepreneurs: David Restiano, Dr. Dan Staats
  • Business: Muscle soap
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

When David and Dr. Dan came together to help people with sore muscles, SORx was born. David’s soap is an all-natural way to relieve sore muscles. It mimics the design of a muscle-scraping tool that physical therapists use on their patients.

Not only is it all-natural, but it also contains relaxing lavender and chamomile. It’s also mental infused, which means the soaps give a cooling sensation.

David and Dr. Dan say that scraping your muscles in the shower with SORx will help your soft tissue health. It also smells great, lathers well, and helps you feel refreshed and recharged after a long day or intense workout.

To use SORx, you simply rub the concave side of the soap down your muscle in 20-30 strokes, holding the soap at a 15% angle.

As the guys explain how to use the soap, the sharks are all given an opportunity to try it out. They’re impressed and think it feels good and smells great!

Barbara Corcoran wants to know why this kind of therapy works. Dr. Dan explains that it encourages tissue regeneration.

In addition to the SORx SOAP, they also have a polycarbonate tool called SORx Tool Pro. It looks just like the soap and can be used outside the shower.

Barbara asks about their backgrounds. Dr. Dan explains that he’s been an athlete his whole life. He eventually got his undergraduate degree in biology before getting his doctorate in physical therapy and opening his own practice.

David became a patient of his, then a friend, and then a business partner. David’s background is as a longtime graphic designer.

They’ve been in business for two years and have YTD sales of $125,000, $70,000 of which came in the quarter before filming.

They sell 2 bars at a time, plus a holder, for $23.00 retail. In turn, it only costs them $8.52 to make them.

In addition to selling directly to consumers, they also sell wholesale to physical therapy offices and gyms for between $15 and $17.

Kevin O’Leary is the first shark to drop out because he’s already in the soap business with another Shark Tank company, Blueland.

Barbara Corcoran thinks there are too many competitors in the soap market overall. She also thinks the product is just a hard sell, so she is out.

Robert Herjavec says that as an investor, he looks for more expansive products, and this isn’t it. Although he will definitely be a customer, he won’t be investing, so he is out next.

Lori Greiner likes the product but not enough to invest. She drops out but says she will still be a customer.

Last but not least, Mark Cuban starts by talking about his neck pain and how trying out the product during the pitch helped alleviate it.

For that reason alone, he’s interested. He offers $100,000 for 20% equity.

Dr. Dan counters Mark with $100,000 for 15% equity, plus all the free physical therapy consults he could ever want. Mark says he already has a team that helps him with that, and he sticks at 20%.

The guys take a second to discuss the offer and finally accept it before Mark can change his mind about investing.

Keep reading our SOPx update to find out what happens next!

In terms of a SOPx update, the company received a nice boost in sales after airing on Shark Tank. Plus, with Mark’s help, Dr. Dan and David are sure to get their products into the hands of millions of folks with achy, sore muscles.

If you’re interested in trying muscle scraping, either in or out of the shower, check out the SORx website. You can make a purchase there and learn more about what this company is up to!

Once the dust settles, we will circle back for another SORx update.

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