VPcabs Update

VPcabs Virtual Pinball Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Brad Baker brought a pinball machine for the modern world to Shark Tank in a bid to get the sharks to invest in the growth of his company. VPcabs is a virtual take on nostalgic pinball machines. Will the sharks want to invest during Shark Tank Season 7? Read our VPcabs update to find out.

Shark Tank VPcabs Update

VPcabs Update

  • Entrepreneur: Brad Baker
  • Business: Virtual pinball machines
  • Ask: $200,000 for 10%
  • Result: $200,000 for 25%
  • Shark: Daymond John

Brad entered Shark Tank Season 7 to introduce his virtual pinball machines, VPcabs. The design of the machines followed the familiar old-school shape but introduced HD LED screens. The machines required no maintenance and could store more than two hundred games.

After introducing the machines, Brad allowed the sharks to try them out, and they enthusiastically ran up to them. Mark Cuban found it hard to peel himself away from the machine he was testing.

Robert Herjavec wanted to hear about numbers. Brad sold 200 units over 18 months, making $750,000 in sales. The sharks quickly noticed Brad’s profitability was lacking, despite a margin of 50%. He’d only made $12,000 in net profit.

Robert and Lori Greiner went out because they didn’t think there was much of a market for VPcabs other than the nostalgia factor.

Mark went out because he didn’t see what innovation he could bring, and he also saw it as a problem that Brad didn’t own the software for the games.

Daymond John showed interest in the product and said he could use his manufacturing company to help with the machines, leaving Brad to handle marketing.

Daymond offered $200,000 for 30% and Brad counter-offered with 20%. Daymond followed with 25% and Brad accepted the offer and left the tank with a deal.

Do you think VPcabs thrived following the Shark Tank effect? Keep reading our VPcabs update to find out what happened next.

Our VPcabs update reveals that Daymond considers this one of his best investments made during the show. VPcabs has been thriving since appearing on the show after Brad partnered with Wizard World Comic Cons and the Michael J Fox Foundation.

The company’s annual revenue is between $3 and $5 million. You can check out the machines available on the VPcabs website

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