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If you’re a man who’s also an avid golfer, you may have experienced the hardships of being far from a toilet while out on the course. That’s why board certified urologist, Dr. Floyd Seskin felt compelled to create a solution to this problem. Will his product earn him a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in The Uro Club update! 

Shark Tank The Uro Club Update

The Uro Club Update

  • Entrepreneur: Dr. Floyd Seskin
  • Business: Urinal for golfers, disguised as a golf club
  • Ask: $25,000 for 51%
  • Result: $25,000 for 70%
  • Shark: Kevin Harrington

Floyd entered Shark Tank Season 1 and immediately laid out his expertise in the field before whipping out The Uro Club to uproarious laughter from all the sharks, especially Robert Herjavec.

He stated that he wanted to help with the anxiety and stress of being too far from a convenient place to relieve oneself. 

Already selling online, he had sold 3,000 units with each retailing at $24.95 and costing $8.43 to make. His total gross revenue at the time of filming was $70,000, and he had invested a little over $300,000. 

Daymond John immediately realized that Floyd was looking for a partner with very specific marketing experience and went out. Barbara Corcoran followed out, as she couldn’t relate to the product. 

Robert also went out, because he couldn’t see himself ever using the product. Kevin O’Leary went out because he didn’t see it fitting his portfolio.

The remaining Kevin said he was interested in the gag gift aspect. He offered $25,000 for 70% equity, to the other Kevin’s consternation.

Floyd accepted the deal and left Shark Tank Season 1 with a partner. Keep reading our The Uro Club update to find out what happened next!

Research for The Uro Club update shows that the deal with Kevin never came to fruition.

Despite its niche aspect, The Uro Club continues being sold on its website, showing that it continues to have some appeal. Though, it doesn’t that it’s had great growth since appearing on Shark Tank.

Regardless, the fact that it’s still in business is great news for our The Uro Club update!

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