Spretz Breath and Hand Freshener Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Tired of your breath and hands smelling like cigarette smoke or other unsavory odors? Entrepreneurs Tony Gauthier, Scott Hoag, and Wesley Osaze have a solution! Spretz is a dual hand-and-breath freshener spray that helps eliminate odors on your breath and your hands. Two strong flavors help freshen you up. What will the sharks think of this unique product in Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Spretz update and recap. 

Shark Tank Spretz Update

Spretz Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Tony Gauthier, Scott Hoag, Wesley Osaze
  • Business: Freshener spray for your breath and your hands
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Tony, Scott, and Wesley came to the tank with an energetic ‘hip-hop’ style pitch to get started. They explained how they were tired of smelling like smoke and other food odors while out and about, so they created Spretz. It’s a spray you could use in your mouth and on your hands to help eliminate unwelcome odors. 

When they passed their product out, the sharks liked it. The flavors (cinnamon and mint) were strong. Lori Greiner asked if it was a hand sanitizer as well as a freshener, but Tony told her it wasn’t. Nevertheless, she liked it. 

Kevin O’Leary, as ever, was concerned with sales. The entrepreneurs revealed some troubling news. Their freshener sprays were still in the beginning stages of production and sales, with only $3,500 in sales at the time of filming. Kevin didn’t like these numbers at all. 

Lori wanted further testing, so she asked Tony to rub garlic on his hands and then use the spray. Kevin told them that to be successful, they needed to be in every convenience store. However, Mark said that the problem was getting it off the shelves and into pockets. He said there was a disconnect between breath and hands, so he was out. 

Robert Herjavec liked the entrepreneurs, but not the product. He went out, followed by Kevin. This left Barbara Corcoran and Lori. 

Lori confirmed that the product worked, but the product wasn’t right for her. She went out. Barbara left as well. She thought they were wasting time and energy on the product. So Spretz walked away without a deal.

Where’s the company now? Find out in our Spretz update.

It turns out the company is still in business… sort of. Research for our Spretz update revealed that the company often takes the website down for months. All products are listed as ‘sold out’ when the website is active.

You can look at the Spretz website for yourself, but we’re unsure about the company’s future and our next Spretz update.

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