Moberi Smoothie Cart Update | Shark Tank Season 5

Portland smoothie cart owner, Ryan Carpenter wants to grow his business, which uses bike-powered blenders to whip up healthy beverages. He’s hoping to expand his business with an investment, but will the sharks give him one on Shark Tank Season 5? Find out in our Moberi update!

Shark Tank Moberi Update

Moberi Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Ryan Carpenter
  • Business: Bike-powered smoothie café
  • Ask: $50,000 in exchange for 15%
  • Result: No Deal
  • Sharks: None

At Ryan’s Moberi smoothie stand, customers pick a smoothie or juice from the menu, and Ryan loads the blender attached to a stationary bike. The customer then hops on and pedals, blending their own beverage. If they don’t want to do it themselves, as is the case 80% of the time, Ryan or his employees are happy to oblige.

Inspired by bicimaquinas, the bicycle-powered machines in Latin America, Ryan’s pedal-powered juice bar concept had been a hit in Portland. Unlike the bikes that people repurposed in other countries though, Ryan’s specialized bikes cost $2,000 each!

A smoothie or juice from Ryan’s stand cost customers $6 on average. In the year of filming, he had made over $70,000 in sales and projected his year-end total to be about $100,000, of which the business would net 20%. He projected the following year sales to reach $150,000 per cart.

Ryan had one full-time location, and one mobile unit that he used for catering events. He was happy to have the chance to do something that he loved, that also allowed him to stay in shape and make a living at the same time. He planned to open two more full-time locations with the $50,000 he requested from the sharks, but his pitch didn’t gain much traction with them.

Barbara Corcoran said the business wasn’t investable. Kevin O’Leary couldn’t hide his disdain for the idea. Robert Herjavec didn’t think the business was scalable. Daymond John said it was a cute concept, but it wasn’t for him. Mark Cuban loved the idea, but not the high cost of the bikes.

All sharks were out, and Moberi left without an investment. So what happened next for Ryan’s business? Keep reading our Moberi update to find out!

We have great news to share in our  Moberi update! The company is still doing well in 2023, with an annual revenue of just over $4 million. Ryan has since moved on from his food truck, and now has 4 brick and mortar locations in Portland, with plans to expand. You can check out their menu and merchandise on the Moberi website.

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