Peanut Butter Pump Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Have you ever destroyed the surface of your bread while making a PB&J? Ever mourned that you couldn’t get the peanut butter off the sides of the jar? Andy Scherer has the solution for you: the Peanut Butter Pump! Will the sharks find this Shark Tanks Season 11 product worthwhile, or dismiss it as nutty? Find out in our Peanut Butter Pump update.

Shark Tank Peanut Butter Pump Update

Peanut Butter Pump Update

  • Entrepreneur: Andrew Scherer
  • Business: Pump for peanut butter jars
  • Ask: $200,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Andy Scherer, an inventor from Burbank, was tired of messy peanut butter problems. He decided to “change the world of peanut butter,” especially for people who use a higher volume of peanut butter in their lives. Chefs, moms, and peanut butter lovers everywhere can apparently benefit from the combined suction and pump device.

Andy started his pitch by offering to ‘download’ a sandwich. He accomplished this by using the pump to squeeze the ‘perfect’ amount of peanut butter onto a sandwich, and also onto some celery sticks. The pump cleans the sides of the jar and dispenses consistent amounts of peanut butter.

The sharks were unimpressed by the display, and what followed was a hilarious exchange between them. Kevin O’Leary considered himself a peanut butter connoisseur, who even makes his own peanut butter. He took issue with the pump because it was too big for the fridge. Which led to some discussion about whether peanut butter should be refrigerated in the first place.

But the real problem came when Andy started discussing the product. It was a prototype, and all sales so far had been preorders. The invention had about $129,000 in preorder sales via crowdfunding. Even worse, Andrew hadn’t met the production due date and had withdrawn some of the crowdfunding money for his own use.

Daymond John didn’t think it was solving a real problem, and Lori Greiner didn’t think anyone needed it, prompting them to both go out. Robert Herjavec was out as well, followed by Kevin who stated once more that you can’t refrigerate the pump. Mark was quick to follow, leaving Andrew without a deal.

However, Andy wasn’t ready to give up and claimed that the sharks were just behind the times. So, did the product take off? Find out in our Peanut Butter Pump update.

The Peanut Butter Pump has been featured in several publications, including Food Network. Andy has been promoted on a number of amazing websites and publications, so it seemed things were going well for him after Shark Tank.

Unfortunately, our Peanut Butter Pump update turned up some red flags. It appears that Andy is still having production issues. His Indiegogo page often updates preorder customers about how the product is coming along, but the product still hasn’t shipped. A recent update in March 2022 states that Andy is still moving forward with the production, though.

The website for the Peanut Butter Pump is up and running, but it says that the pumps are sold out. As of now, the site still lists the product as being shipped by March of 2020. However, at the time of writing it is currently April 2022, meaning the page hasn’t been updated in two years. Hopefully, Andy can start getting these pumps out to customers soon.

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