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Entrepreneurs Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka pitched their video game app during Shark Tank Season 15. Overplay is an inventive app that allows users to convert their videos into video games. Will a shark turn their pitch into a deal? Find out in our Overplay update and pitch recap!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Overplay after Shark Tank!

Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 and struck a deal with Mark Cuban of $500,000 for 4% equity. In terms of an Overplay update, the app received tons of downloads after the exposure from Shark Tank, and Mark Cuban is doing his part to help promote it.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban Accepted deal for $500,000 for 4% equity, plus $500,000 paid to Mark for content creation and promotion
Kevin O’Leary  No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Barbara Corcoran  No offer
Jason Blum No offer

Shark Tank Overplay Update

Overplay update

  • Entrepreneurs: Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka
  • Business: App for video game creation
  • Ask: $500,000 for 2.5% equity
  • Result: $500,000 for 4% equity, plus Overplay pays Mark $500,000 for promoted and created content
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

If you’re into content creation, Dan and Caroline have just the thing for you. Dan invented their app, Overplay, which allows you to take any of your videos and turn them into a video game.

This essentially allows you to create a video game with any short video on your phone. Whether it’s about mountain biking, makeup, or based on a meme, Overplay can turn almost any video into an interactive mobile game.

Dan and Caroline say that games can even be made as advertisements or from a movie trailer. The possibilities are endless.

In fact, turning your video into a video game with the Overplay app is incredibly easy and user-friendly. You simply upload your video, then begin plugging in gameplay options, dropping them in wherever you want them.

Not only this, but the AI technology that Overplay uses is actually patented, too.

The video games are not extreme, multi-player games but shorter, under-a-minute games. Kevin O’Leary points out, and the founders agree, that these types of games are intended more for TikTok and other social media platforms.

Guest shark Jason Blum suggests that the duo better have amazing sales, as their valuation is $20 million. Caroline points out that they’ve already soft-launched products on iOS and Android.

In that time, only a few weeks before filming, they had already had over 1 million game plays and over $150,000 downloads.

In terms of sales, they don’t plan to monetize until next year. However, they have raised $3.7 million and given away about 20% of the company from that.

At the time of filming, they had about $750,000 left in the bank. Regarding how Overplay will actually make money, Dan explains that they will use interactive advertising on the app’s platform.

Barbara Corcoran asks the duo about their backgrounds. Caroline explains that the two actually met while they both worked at Sesame Street.

Caroline was in charge of digital media business development, while Dan ran interactive production. Together, they’ve created over 60 interactive products for the Sesame Street brand.

Barbara says that anytime she’s invested in similar products, she’s lost money. For that reason, she’s out.

Jason can relate to Barbara because he once invested in a similar app and lost every penny he put into it. He goes out next.

Mark Cuban offers $500,000 for 15% equity. Dan counters Mark with $500,000 for 3.25% equity plus .75% in advisory shares.

Mark counters back with $500,000 for 4% equity, plus Overplay pays him $500,000 to promote and create content for Overplay.

The business partners admit that they didn’t come to Shark Tank prepared to receive an offer like Marks. After a short pause, the duo finally accepts Mark’s offer.

Keep reading our Overplay update to find out what happens following Shark Tank!

In terms of an Overplay update, we have good news to share. The deal with Mark seemed to go through, and Dan and Caroline officially have a shark on their team.

It also looks like Mark has already begun his end of the deal to create content and promote the brand. He’s front and center on the Overplay website.

While it’s too soon to share updated revenue stats for this company, we’re sure they’ll exceed their annual goals thanks to the exposure from Shark Tank.

To learn more, check out the Overplay website or download it in your App Store!

Once the dust settles, we will circle back with a more detailed Overplay update!

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