RuckPack Nutrition Shot Update | Season 4

Former military special operative Rob Dyer has created a specially formulated nutrition shot. Will his health product earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our RuckPack update!

Shark Tank RuckPack Update

RuckPack Update

Entrepreneur: Rob Dyer
Business: Military grade nutrition shot
Ask: $75,000 for 10% equity
Result: $150,000 for 20% equity
Sharks: Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec

When active serviceman Rob came on the tank to pitch his product, RuckPack, he shared vivid details of his tour of duty. He and his military compatriots were in need of caffeine-free energy, specifically the snipers who had to sit at a scope for hours and could not risk getting caffeine jitters while trying to stay awake. As such, they developed a proprietary formula and created RuckPack, named for the military bring-along that contains only essential items.

Rob told the sharks that many businesses in the Virginia area, including 7-Elevens and independent convenience stores, carried RuckPack and had sold through their inventory. Without the sharks’ investment, Rob said it would continue to be difficult to keep up with the inventory demands.

Mark Cuban felt differently, and asked Rob when he had time to work on RuckPack if he was still in the service primarily. Rob said that he was tied up for another two years, but he was working as an accounting professor and that he worked on RuckPack every day after work.

Daymond John didn’t mind the divided attention and instead turned his sights on the $750,000 valuation. Rob responded that, with an investment, he could order larger batches of RuckPack, driving down costs from $0.85 per unit to a more manageable $0.50 instead.

Daymond asked how many units Rob had been ordering and how fast they were selling out, learning that the last 15,000 RuckPack nutrition shots sold out in under two months. Robert Herjavec asked if Rob had any inventory left to sell, and the answer was no.

Robert dove further, asking how much money Rob had personally invested in RuckPack so far. Rob said he put in between $90,000 and $95,000, but also revealed that the business had 16 owners. He currently only held 43% equity stake, while his wife owned 2% as well. Across all owners, $240,000 had been invested so far, primarily to prepay inventory.

This concerned Robert Herjavec, who felt that the business wasn’t generating enough cash to sustain itself and that Rob’s strategy to give away equity in exchange for cash to fund more inventory had left him heavily diluted. Daymond interrupted, however, to tell Rob that he had competing products , so for that reason he could not invest.

Barbara Corcoran spoke next, and was concerned that $240,000 had been put in so far. She felt that it wasn’t a good idea for Rob to give up another 10% of his dwindling equity just to keep the ball rolling, so she too was out.

Kevin O’Leary went next, offering Rob exactly what he had asked for– $75,000 for 10% equity. Mark Cuban then shared that he wasn’t comfortable with the fact Rob had a day job to distract him from RuckPack, so for that reason he was out.

Robert, who had previously voiced his concerns, said he thought RuckPack could use more cash to truly get things moving. He said, if Kevin was amenable, he would be willing to put up another $75,000, but he would also want 10% equity.

Kevin agreed, and so Rob was offered $150,000 for 20% equity. Understanding the value of having both Kevin and Robert, Rob agreed to the deal. Were Kevin, Robert, and Rob able to roll out RuckPack on a massive scale and make massive sales? Keep reading our RuckPack update to find out!

We have great news to share in our RuckPack update! After the deal closed, the company increased exponentially, peaking just above $500,000 in revenue. They then secured a deal with Walgreens, and in 2016, RuckPack partnered with The GHT Companies. In 2023, revenue is estimated to be in the millions. Products are available on the RuckPack website.

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