SwipeNSnap Diaper Cream Applicator Update | Shark Tank Season 12

SwipeNSnap is a one-hand diaper cream applicator that appeared on Shark Tank Season 12. With only $15,000 in lifetime sales, will founder Alina Kravchenko be able to swipe an investment from the sharks? Find out in our SwipeNSnap update and pitch recap.

Shark Tank SwipeNSnap Update

SwipeNSnap Update

  • Entrepreneur: Alina Kravchenko
  • Business: One-hand diaper cream applicator
  • Ask: $120,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $120,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary

The SwipeNSnap one-hand diaper cream applicator was pitched on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 11 by founder Alina Kravchenko. She created the SwipeNSnap to help parents after she struggled to apply diaper cream to her baby’s bottom with one hand.

Easy and Clean
SwipenSnap One Hand Diaper Cream Applicator

SwipeNSnap allows you to apply diaper cream with just one hand while safely holding your baby with the other!

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The SwipeNSnap attaches to the top of almost any diaper cream and makes it easy to apply with just one hand. The attachment stays on at all times, meaning you don’t have to take the top off the cream and can have one hand free.

During the SwipeNSnap Shark Tank pitch, Alina shared that she only had $15,000 in lifetime sales, despite having a unique product that solves a very specific problem.

She also shared that she had been focused on perfecting the product before going to retail. She hoped this would explain the low sales.

While sales were slow, she does have a patent on the technology to make the adapter fit any sized bottle of diaper cream. Even though sales were low, the technology was evidently what really interested the sharks.

Lori Greiner and guest shark Daniel Lubetzky decided to team up to offer $120,000 for 33.3%, with some contingencies. Lori wanted to be sure that the patent for the adapter was verified. Meanwhile, Daniel wanted to own 33.3% of SwipeNSnap and 100% of the patented adapter technology.

Robert Herjavec didn’t quite believe in the product and dropped out.

After initially dropping out, Kevin O’Leary decided to come back in and team up with Lori to offer $120,000 for 50% equity, with a focus on licensing the adapter technology. Lori agreed to come into the deal with Kevin and dropped out of the offer with Daniel.

Ultimately Alina decided to accept Lori and Kevin’s deal and SwipeNSnap left the tank with a deal of $120,000 for 50% equity and two sharks.

In terms of a SwipeNSnap update, it seems the deal with Lori and Kevin never closed. However, the company is still in business and Alina is continuing to sell the product online.

Further, our SwipeNSnap update research found that Alina is also licensing the technology that allows a thread to fit any sized bottle or tube.

Finally, Alina has also started a new company called TonerBum, which is a U-shaped dumbbell.

Even though the deal with the sharks didn’t work out, we are happy to be able to report a great SwipeNSnap update.

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