Elephant Chat Communication Tool Update | Shark Tank Season 5

Married couples know that communication can easily become strained between spouses. That’s why newlyweds, Amanda and Jason Adams have created a product to help couples with difficult conversations. Their toy elephant assists in getting communication back on track. Will their product earn them a deal on Shark Tank Season 5? Find out in our Elephant Chat update! 

Shark Tank Elephant Chat Update

Elephant Chat Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Amanda and Jason Adams
  • Business: Communication tool for couples
  • Ask: $50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake
  • Result: No deal 
  • Sharks: None

Amanda and Jason brought their Elephant Chat, stuffed elephant to the tank. They claim that their product helps couples talk about issues they’d rather sweep under the rug. When a partner is unhappy with their significant other, the frustrated partner conspicuously displays the company’s product, a small plush elephant inside a plastic sleeve. When their other half sees the elephant is out on display, it acts as a signal– “time to talk about the elephant in the room.”

Jason told the sharks that the first 500 sets cost them $22.00 each to manufacture, and retail for $59.00. The sharks thought that was way too high. Amanda said they had raised $100,000 from friends to get their business off the ground. Unsurprisingly, she added that marriage counselors loved the idea and encouraged them to go for it.

Lori Greiner told the pair that stuffed animals shouldn’t have cost that much, calling it a risk and big expense. Jason explained that the complicated packaging drove up their cost. Kevin O’Leary said that if a person had to choose between small stuffed elephants online, they would select the $3 one rather than this $60.00 elephant in a clear plastic box. To consumers, the packaging wouldn’t justify the drastic markup.

Lori was the first shark out, saying it was way too expensive to sell. Kevin was out as well, calling Elephant Chat a ripoff that would make consumers extremely unhappy. Robert Herjavec confided that his then-wife was sometimes very mad at him, but he couldn’t see how talking over a stuffed animal would improve the situation much, and he ultimately went out.

Daymond John said that if he came home and saw the stuffed elephant on display, he would sneak off to the bar and not come back until the next day, so he too went out. Mark Cuban told them their product wouldn’t sell in stores, but they could probably sell it to marriage counselors as a “conflict resolution device”, saying no one needed corny stuff more than marriage counselors. Mark said it was too early however to invest, so he was the last shark to drop out. 

With no offers from the sharks, Jason and Amanda were forced to leave the tank without a deal. What happened next for their company? Keep reading our Elephant Chat update to find out!

We have some sad news to share in our Elephant Chat update. Although Jason and Amanda believed in their product and appeared determined to get their company off the ground, their relationship didn’t last. It turns out that Amanda filed for divorce less than six months after filming, which also brought an end to Elephant Chat. This will be our final Elephant Chat update.

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