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PrepWell Academy Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Phil Black pitched his tutoring company during Shark Tank Season 11. PrepWell Academy offers online college admissions and preparations tutoring, to help kids get ready for testing and college applications. Will the sharks be prepared to make a deal? Find out in our PrepWell Academy update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to PrepWell Academy after Shark Tank!

Entrepreneur Phil Black appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 but walked away without a deal. In terms of a PrepWell Academy update, the company is still in business and earns about $900,000 a year. Further, Phil has also expanded his product line of programs and has launched a podcast.

Shark: Result:
Daymond John  No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer

Shark Tank PrepWell Academy Update

  • Entrepreneur: Phil Black
  • Business: Online college admissions and preparation tutoring
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Phil Black, founder of PrepWell Academy isn’t new to Shark Tank. In fact, he appeared in Season 5, when he pitched his FitDeck exercise cards.

He didn’t hook a shark then, but he went on to sell the company to a fitness startup. The sharks remember his impressive background, however, which includes Yale, Harvard, and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.

Now, he’s bringing PrepWell Academy to the Shark Tank and hopes to get a deal this time around. This subscription-based program teaches teens as young as 9th grade about preparing for college.

Further, it teaches them how to become desirable in the admissions process, and even helps parents navigate the process as well. The tutoring involves weekly videos, lessons, and more to help kids on the right track.

So far, he’s done $150,000 in two years of business and currently has 220 subscribers. Although the sales are decent, the sharks aren’t exactly impressed with the product.

In fact, Lori Greiner starts by saying she doesn’t like the subscription model. She’d rather it be a crash course or a one-time thing, and she ultimately drops out.

Robert Herjavec commends Phil’s mission and dedication, but he doesn’t think the business is viable, so he also drops out.

Daymond John points out that maybe the people he’s trying to educate don’t really want to be educated. Maybe that’s why the subscription numbers are so low, but he’s out.

Mark Cuban doesn’t think the product is scaleable and thinks it’s a lot of work for a low subscription cost. He doesn’t want to get involved in that, so he drops out as well.

Kevin O’Leary says it’s a bad idea, and he is out too.

Unfortunately, Phil Black leaves Shark Tank without a deal, once again. Will he succeed despite these circumstances?

Keep reading our PrepWell Academy update to find out what happened following the show!

We have good news to share in our PrepWell Academy update. The company is still in business, despite not getting a deal.

Prepwell Academy is still going strong, and Phil has since launched a podcast and writes weekly emails for his subscribers. Additionally, he has also added several new programs to his catalog.

Although there are no figures about how many subscribers he has at the time of this writing, our research found that the company is making about $900,000 per year, through all avenues of the business. One-on-one mentoring with Phil is also available.

If we get any more news on a Prepwell Academy update, we will let you know!

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