Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 | Recap, Products, Deals

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 aired on November 13, 2020 and featured Fitfighter, LIFTiD, Foam Party Hats, and Bee D’Vine Honey Wine. Series regulars Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary appeared on the episode alongside guest shark Daniel Lubetzsky. This was an eventful hour and one company left the tank with a deal that included four of the five sharks! Here’s our Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 recap.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 Recap

We know you’re busy, so below you’ll find a quick recap of Season 12 Episode 5 of Shark Tank.

  • Pitch 1: Fitfighter
    • Result: $250,000 for 25% equity deal with Daniel Lubetzsky
  • Pitch 2: LIFTiD
    • Result: No Deal
  • Pitch 3: Foam Party Hats
    • Result: $100,000 for 25% equity deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner
  • Pitch 4: Bee D’Vine Honey Wine
    • Result: $750,000 for 40% deal with Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daniel Lubetzsky

Further down, you’ll find a complete Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 recap, including breakdowns of all the products that appeared on the episode and all deals made. Enjoy!


Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 Recap

  • Entrepreneur: Sarah Apgar
  • Business: Weighted exercise hose
  • Ask: $250,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: $250,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Daniel Lubetzsky

During the first pitch of Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5, entrepreneur Sarah Apgar pitched her company Fitfighter to the sharks. This is a weighted exercise hose modeled after a fire hose that allows users to do a variety of workouts without having to swap equipment during exercise. Sarah quickly impressed the sharks with her demonstration of the exercise hose, which allowed her to quickly showcase 10-15 different types of exercises.

Sarah shared with the sharks that pre-COVID, Fitfighter had done a total of $45,000 in sales. This forced her to switch her business model from selling to gyms and trainers to selling online and in 10-weeks she managed to match those sales. She has also launched an app, which has a free and paid version as well as online training videos for her customers.

All of this was enough to interest guest shark Daniel Lubetzsky, founder of KIND Snacks, who offered Sarah $250,000 for 25% equity, which she accepted.


Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 Recap LIFTiD

  • Entrepreneur: Ken and Allyson Davidov
  • Business: Neurostimulation band
  • Ask: $200,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

The second pitch on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5 came from the founders of the neurostimulation company, LIFTiD. Founders Ken and Allyson Davidov pitched their product to the sharks, which aims to increase cognitive function by stimulating neurons in the brain.

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If you’re a long time Shark Tank fan, you won’t be surprised that Mark Cuban was instantly skeptical. However, some of the other sharks seemed more open to it, especially when Ken shared that the company had sold 1,240 units so far, resulting in $126,000 in sales. However, at the end of the day, none of the sharks were willing to take on the liability that neurostimulation brought with it and LIFTiD left the tank without a deal.

Foam Party Hats

  • Entrepreneur: Manuel and Grace Rojas
  • Business: Custom designed foam hats
  • Ask: $100,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner

Mother and son team Manuel and Grace Rojas pitched their company, Foam Party Hats, to the sharks on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5. As the name implies, the company creates all sorts of fun foam hats that can be used for any kind of celebration. Further, the company is also able to make custom made hats for its customers.

After giving each shark their own custom hat, things got rolling in the tank and Manuel and Grace shared that in 2017 the company did $25,000 in sales and so far in 2020 it had done $153,000. While all of the sharks loved the company, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Mark Cuban decided that it wasn’t for them and decided to go out. However, Daniel Lubetzsky was interested and was willing to make an offer, contingent on Manuel quitting his day job as a chemical engineer.

However, Mark Cuban disagreed with Daniel’s requirement and decided to come back in with Lori Greiner as a partner on the deal. So, Foam Party Hats found itself with the following offers:

  • Daniel: $100,000 for 30% contingent on Manuel quitting his job
  • Mark and Lori: $100,000 for 25% with no contigencies

Foam Party Hats left the tank with a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for a $100,000 investment for 25% equity.

Bee D’Vine Honey Wine

  • Entrepreneur: Ayele Solomon
  • Business: Honey based wine
  • Ask: $750,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $750,000 for 40% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daniel Lubetzsky

During the final pitch on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5, Ayele Solomon pitched his wine company, Bee D’Vine Honey Wine to the sharks. As the name implies, all of the wine made from Ayele’s company is based on honey and it also has an environmental initiative that helps to save the bees. Things got off to a good start in the tank, when all five sharks agreed that Ayele’s wine was fantastic.

However, despite a great tasting product, the sharks weren’t impressed that Bee D’Vine Honey Wine had only managed to sell $400,000 in the product over the past six years. However, in the past 12 months, the company has done $115,000 in sales, so it seems it’s headed in the right direction.

Ayele shared that a bottle costs between $39-49 at retail, while only costing around $5 to make. Mark Cuban shared that he believed Bee D’Vine needed an entry-level wine that only cost around $15 for new customers to try out and the other sharks agreed and teamed up to make Ayele an offer that included four of the five sharks. After it was all said and done, Bee D’Vine Honey Wine left the tank with a $750,000 investment for a 40% equity deal from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daniel Lubetzsky.

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