Cornucopia Pet Supplement Update | Shark Tank Season 1

The average dog in America only lives to be 10 years old. That’s why Dr. Geoffrey Broderick and his daughter Kristina Broderick have created a supplement that he claims will extend the pet’s life by 50%. Will their company earn them a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Cornucopia update! 

Shark Tank Cornucopia Update

Cornucopia Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Dr. Geoffrey Broderick and Kristina Broderick
  • Business: Pet supplement
  • Ask: $300,000 for 15% stake
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Dr. Broderick and Kristina entered Shark Tank Season 1 with Casey, a canine companion. Their Cornucopia products help pets stay healthier for longer, with a combination of superfoods and phytofoods. Robert Herjavec was immediately wary of some of the company’s claims. 

Robert asked for a demonstration, and to see if Casey was interested in eating the food, which he was. Kevin O’Leary was more interested in what the supplements present in the food could do for his own health, and he sampled some of it himself.

The sharks were also skeptical regarding the lack of scientific evidence to support what Cornucopia could do for pets.

Dr. Broderick explained he was seeing a significant decrease in specific health issues at his veterinary practice. Robert was the first to go out because he thought these claims were of the snake oil variety.

Kevin Harrington followed out, citing that the product couldn’t succeed without a patent and without scientific backing.

Daymond John talked about having just lost his two dogs, but said he couldn’t allow his emotions to get in the way in this case. He went out, followed by Kevin O’Leary.

Barbara Corcoran was the last to go out, stating that she couldn’t invest in something without scientific research.

Dr. Broderick and his daughter Kristina left Shark Tank Season 1 without a deal, but what do you think happened after that? Keep reading our Cornucopia update to see whether it succeeded after appearing in the tank. 

Our Cornucopia update found that it is still being sold at Dr. Broderick’s practice and online, but remains a niche product. We are estimating that the company has an annual revenue of around $1 million.

If you’d like to see what’s on offer, check out the Cornucopia website

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