Beer Blizzard Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Do you love beer? Does your enjoyment get ruined when the beer warms up too quickly while watching your favorite game? Luckily, Tom “Ozzy” Osborne and Mike Robb have found the solution – a small plastic dome-shaped ice cube that fits on the bottom of all aluminum cans available on the market. Will the sharks embrace this new trend on Shark Tank Season 7? Read our Beer Blizzard update to find out more. 

Shark Tank Beer Blizzard Update

Beer Blizzard Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Tom “Ozzy” Osbourne and Mike Robb
  • Business: Beer can ice pack
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 25% equity 
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Mike and Ozzy brought plenty of energy and a passion for cold beer to the tank. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mike and Ozzy wanted to get the sharks’ involvement to support buying in volume to lower costs. They also wanted to use the increase in profit to hire a full-time fulfillment center to ensure order logistics would always be met for their company, Beer Blizzard.

Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner asked if Beer Blizzard works on other types of aluminum cans. While Mike and Ozzy replied in the affirmative, they also stated that they prefer catering to beer drinkers like themselves instead of broadening their audience. 

Beer Blizzard enjoyed sales success over the year, with Mike and Bobby reporting gross sales of $156,000 and a net profit of $35,000 after selling 6-packs at $12.99 and 12-packs at $19.99. This product was CBA tested by an independent lab in Atlanta, Georgia.

With their presentation laid out, Mike and Ozzy waited for the sharks’ reactions. Robert Herjavec was the first one out. He saw Beer Blizzard as a one-shot product that could only succeed promotionally, not as a business.

Daymond John was the next shark out, stating that he enjoyed the product but didn’t see a clear direction for it. With Mike and Ozzy still not focusing on Beer Blizzard full-time, Daymond thought he didn’t have enough energy to dedicate to the project. 

Most of the sharks were generally wary of investing in a product that wasn’t yet a full-fledged company. Mark showed interest in Beer Blizzard based on its current successful sales rates and put an offer on the table of $100,000 but with a 25% equity stake.

Lori interjected to offer exactly what Mike and Ozzy asked for: $100,000 for 20% equity. She could see Beer Blizzard in retailers around the country. Despite this, after a brief chat, Ozzy stated that Mike had too much of a ‘man crush’ on Mark to ignore his deal.

Mike and Ozzy accepted Mark’s offer of $100,000 for 25%, leaving the tank with a deal. Let’s check out our Beer Blizzard update to see what happened once Mike and Ozzy were out of the tank.

Despite the deal with Mark, the Beer Blizzard update shows that it wasn’t a straightforward Shark Tank success. The deal never came to fruition, and Mike and Ozzy continued relying on Kickstarter to keep the product going.

After some initial deals with Walmart and NASCAR, Beer Blizzard couldn’t secure a long-term licensing agreement. It has since disappeared from social media, and its website is no longer in use.

This will be our final Beer Blizzard update.

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