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Throx Socks Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Do you always end up with mismatched pairs of socks? Edwin Heaven has a solution that he says is the cure to missing socks. He sells socks in sets of three so that there’s always a spare. Will the sharks give him a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Throx update! 

Shark Tank Throx Update

Throw Update

  • Entrepreneur: Edwin Heaven
  • Business: Socks sold in sets of 3
  • Ask: $50,000 for 25%
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Edwin entered Shark Tank Season 1 and brought his solution to an age-old problem: the mysterious disappearances of single socks. He introduced the sharks to Throx, a package of 3 socks instead of two.

Throx Socks (Big Lebowskis)

Set of 3 socks. Cotton,Spandex. Machine Wash.

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This gives customers a backup if one goes missing. Edwin made numerous puns in his presentation, to mixed reactions from the sharks.

When asked about sales, he stated that he had sales of $38,000 in the year prior to filming, which left the sharks unimpressed. Kevin O’Leary considered that the competition would crush the product because there could be no patent to protect it. He went out.

Kevin Harrington considered Throx to be too much in the novelty niche, so he went out. Barbara Corcoran was interested in getting a few for Christmas, but that’s all so she too went out.

Robert Herjavec went out as well because he thought it was too small an investment to hold his interest.

Daymond John was the last shark standing, but it wasn’t right for him so he also went out. This was one of the shortest segments featured on Shark Tank, and Edwin had to leave without a deal. 

Do you think the company flourished after pitching on Shark Tank Season 1? Keep reading our Throx update to find out. 

Our Throx update reveals that Edwin didn’t give up on his product. He invested in quirky patterns and styles and marketed Throx for children and teens.

During our Throx update research, we found that Edwin does an estimated $1 million in annual revenue. You can find Throx on the official website and on Amazon.

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