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Bill Webster Sr. and his son appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 to try and strike a deal for their company, Garage Celebrations. The company designs festive garage door covers that can brighten up any season, event, or holiday. We will also provide you with some interesting Garage Celebrations updates after covering the negotiations. 

Shark Tank Garage Celebrations Update

Garage Celebrations Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Bill Webster Sr. and Bill Webster Jr.
  • Business: Festive Garage Door Covers
  • Ask: $200,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $200,000 for 30% equity
  • Sharks: Mark Cuban

While the Garage Celebrations is brand new, the sharks were shocked to hear that the company had already generated more than $175,000 in gross sales for festive garage covers during Halloween. In terms of margins, a single garage door cover costs $35 to manufacture and sells for just over $100 per unit. 

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Barbara Corcoran has concerns about the valuation and ultimately didn’t like the design of the garage door covers, so she dropped out first. Lori Greiner had similar concerns and didn’t feel comfortable making an investment either.

Mark Cuban was one of the final chances for Garage Celebrations to earn a deal, and felt that it would be a good product to pair with the Dallas Mavericks. However, he wanted 30% equity in exchange for his $200,000 investment. Despite the high equity ask, the father-son pairing accepted Mark’s offer shortly after hearing it. 

Now that we’ve covered the important details about how the negotiations concluded, let’s get a Garage Celebrations update.

After airing on Shark Tank, Garage Celebrations received a nice boost in sales from the show’s popularity. It also worked out well that the episode aired just before Christmas 2022. Bill Webster Sr. and his son remain committed to fulfilling all of the company’s sales for the 2022 holiday season and seem interested in looking at ways to improve their product margins.

We got the chance to speak with Bill Webster Jr. to get an official Garage Celebrations update, and it turns out that things are going well. “We have quadrupled our revenue and have licensed many new designs,” Bill told us.

He shared that they have partnerships with Peanuts and Disney in the works, with more coming soon. Even better, Bill shared that their covers will be for sale in select Lowe’s and Ace Hardware stores, which will hopefully lead to a larger rollout if things go well.

Bill also shared with us that they are taking customer feedback and ideas to make improvements on the product. “We have lots of exciting new designs and partnerships coming online in late 2023 and 2024 that will blow people’s minds,” Bill told us.

We can’t wait to see what happens next and will be sure to let you know what happens in our next Garage Celebrations update.

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