McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update | Shark Tank Season 7

In Shark Tank Season 7, Jess Sanchez McClary brought her Colonial-style mixer and beverage company, McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars, to the shark tank. She wanted $100,000 for 15% equity in the company. This on-trend beverage had the opportunity to make a name for itself in an emerging space. In our McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars update, we’ll see what the sharks thought of the beverages.

Shark Tank McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update

McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jess Sanchez McClary
  • Business: Vinegar-based beverages
  • Ask: $100,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

During her pitch, Jess tells the sharks all about shrub sodas and how they were used in Colonial times. Every ingredient is organic, and these beverages are great as mixers or on their own. They can provide a great alternative to sodas, too. 

She handed out samples, including her vinegars mixed with alcohol. Mark Cuban doesn’t think there’s enough gin in his sample, but Lori Greiner liked the apple pie bourbon mixer. However, the sharks didn’t like the taste of the product before mixing, which concerned a few of them. 

Jess reveals that in the three years they’ve been in business, she’d sold $312,000 in product. Each bottle sells for between $18 and $25, though the sharks didn’t ask about profit margins. 

Kevin O’Leary didn’t think vinegars were right for America, though Jess insisted that the craft cocktail crowd loved the mixers. However, Lori was the first to drop out. The lack of independent lab testing for health benefits and her lack of expertise in the heavy liquor space made her unable to invest. 

Robert Herjavec thought the business was risky, so he went out. Mark loved the business, but he wasn’t into vinegar drinks, so he dropped out. 

Kevin didn’t officially drop out, but didn’t make an offer based on how hard the company would be to get off the ground. Guest shark Ashton Kutcher went out as well, because though the product was trending, it wasn’t enough to sustain the business. 

Without a deal, how is the company doing now? Unfortunately, our McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars update uncovered some bad news.

Even though McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars walked away without a deal, they didn’t stop trying. In 2016, they moved into their own packaging facility. This facility had a tasting room and gift shop, allowing a wider range of people to try their Colonial-style vinegar drinks. For a time, you could find McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars across the midwest. 

Unfortunately, Jess closed the business in 2018 and now works on sustainable farming. The McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars are no longer available for purchase online or in retail locations. With the company being out of business, this will be our final McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars update.

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