Thin Gloss Lip Gloss Update | Shark Tank Season 2

Entrepreneur April Morris has developed a product that she believes is a confidence-boosting solution. She claims that her product can potentially help suppress your appetite, while enhancing your look. Will the sharks invest, or gloss over this product on Shark Tank Season 2? Find out in our Thin Gloss update!

Shark Tank Thin Gloss Update

Thin Gloss update

  • Entrepreneur: April Morris
  • Business: Appearance-enhancing lip gloss
  • Ask: $80,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

April brings her company, Thin Gloss, to Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 5. She demonstrates how it works, and talks about her research into herbs, and other ingredients that are in her product.

She says that she got the idea for her lip gloss, when a co-worker called her fat. So, she tried diet pills, and various herbs to lose weight.

Then, she had an ah-ha moment while applying some lip gloss, and decided to add ingredients to the makeup to help curb her appetite. After some research, she decided that the herb Hoodia would work well.

Her lip gloss basically combines the makeup, and the herb into one product. To use the product, you would first sniff it, then apply it.

Robert Herjavec asks about sales for Thin Gloss, and April says she hit $26,000 by the end of the previous year. Kevin O’Leary asks what she is on track for during the current year.

April says her goal is to reach $1 million in sales by July 2010. Despite that, her sales so far during the year, at the time of the pitch are just $18,000.

The product costs $4-$5 to product a single unit. Additionally, it retails for $28.

Kevin Harrington asks if April has any clinical trials on the product. She says she has talked to an FDA attorney about how the product enhances the appearance of those who wear it.

Kevin H. reminds her that she is not presenting it as a cosmetic product, but rather as a weight loss one, and that she can’t do that without a clinical study.

Robert asks if he can sample the product, and April gives each of the sharks a Thin Gloss box. It turns out, that he loves the way it smells.

Daymond John asks why April thinks that she can reach $1 million in sales, and she discloses that she has a contract with a large cosmetics distributor in India. 

Kevin H. still isn’t convinces. He insists that it can’t be advertised as a weight loss product, and Robert says he can’t see it selling.

Kevin H. goes out because he is nervous about the legalities.

Daymond follows, and so does Kevin O. who wants to commend her, but cannot endorse the product.

Barbara Corcoran also states that she is uncomfortable with the pitch, and goes out. 

Robert says he is less bothered by the pitch, but more by the numbers. He too goes out.

With that, April has to leave Shark Tank without a deal for Thin Gloss, but did not seem ready to give up.

Do you think she succeeded? Check out the rest of our Thin Gloss update to learn more!

Our Thin Gloss update reveals that the company did have some more sales after the Shark Tank appearance, and even hit her $1 million goal. That said, the company ultimately fizzled out.

Unfortunately, it has been out of business since 2012. By 2018, April was keeping busy teaching motivational classes, but it’s unclear if she’s still doing them at the time of this writing.

We’re sure, whatever she’s doing, it’s with the same passion that brought her to Shark Tank!

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