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Have you ever attended a Zoom meeting that you really didn’t have to attend? Beulr could have helped you save time. This service uses your Zoom credentials to attend Zoom meetings for you. Will the sharks show up for this deal? Find out in our Beulr update and recap from Season 13 Episode 5.

Shark Tank Beulr Update

Shark Tank Beulr Update

  • Entrepreneur: Peter Solimine
  • Business: Bot that attends and records Zoom meetings for you
  • Ask: $150,000 for 20% stake
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

Like so many of us, Peter Solimine was tired of attending online classes and Zoom meetings. With his software development background, he decided to create a solution that allowed him to sleep in more without missing class. Beulr — a bot that attends Zoom meetings for you — is his solution.

On Beulr, you can upload a looping video of yourself to play in meetings where webcams are required. You simply link Beulr to your Zoom account, tell the bot when and where to show up, and you can sleep in while the bot records your meeting and makes it appear as though you’re present and paying attention.

The sharks obviously have issues with this. While this bot might work for some instances, It isn’t ideal for meetings where you have to interact. Further, after a few meetings, people are sure to catch on. The sharks bring up some very credible points about integrity and communication.

It’s a subscription service that costs $6.99 a month, but Mark Cuban asks why he hasn’t set up a one-time fee. Peter says he didn’t think of that. Still, with only about $300 in marketing, he’s managed to attract 92,000 users.

Lori Greiner has an issue with integrity, though she does admit it could be useful for students. However, she just can’t back it, so she’s out. Kevin O’Leary also cites some compliance issues for meetings where attendance is legally required, so he drops out as well.

Daymond John loved the pitch — Peter created the new form of hooky! However, he doesn’t like the idea that someone could just opt out of communicating, and communication is very important to him. He drops out as well.

Robert Herjavec has some uncharacteristic harsh advice for Peter. “This isn’t a business. You won’t run it as a business. You can’t make revenue off this business,” he says. He also tells Peter that it’s a bad idea before dropping out.

Mark, the only shark that’s left, worries about revenue. Peter previously stated that growth is more important than revenue to him. Mark also tells him he needs to know his AI better than anyone else, and he just doesn’t. It’s expensive to take any other route. He drops out as well, leaving Peter without a deal. But where is the company now? Keep reading our Beulr update to find out.

Beulr is still a small company. The social media following is increasing, however. They have 2.3k followers on TikTok and 7.3k followers on Instagram. They are hiring new developers on the Beulr website, so the company has got to be taking off somewhat. However, our Beulr update research turned over no new numbers or other information associated with the company.

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