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Being outdoors in the summer is great, but the heat in some areas might be unbearable. That’s why the creators behind IcyBreeze decided to blend a popular outdoor accessory with a personal air conditioning unit. Its cooler helps keep one person cool for a few hours using the ice inside. Will the sharks be able to chill out with this idea on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our IcyBreeze update. 

Shark Tank IcyBreeze Update

IcyBreeze Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Jason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins
  • Business: Portable air conditioner coolers
  • Ask: $50,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Jason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins, entered Shark Tank to display their IcyBreeze cooler, which doubled as a portable personal air conditioner. The ice inside the cooler helped reduce the temperature of the air inside, which was blown out to you using a hose. They wanted $50,000 for 5% equity.

All was well until they revealed the price, which was $349 at the time. That was because the battery inside was pricey, and it cost $191 to make the coolers overall. As of airing, they’d sold 1700 coolers, which turned a profit of $125,000. 

After Dave explained that he had a drive and a passion for entrepreneurship, Mark Cuban told him that sometimes you lose the drive. Daymond John didn’t think they needed a shark, and Kevin O’Leary didn’t think people would pay $400 for a cooler. All went out. 

Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner quickly followed. Robert didn’t think people would buy it, and Lori didn’t think the idea had enough history. Plus, she didn’t like the price. They go out, leaving IcyBreeze without a deal. Where does that leave the company? Find out in our IcyBreeze update.

IcyBreeze is one of the few companies to appear on the show that actually takes the sharks’ advice. Research for our IcyBreeze update revealed that they lowered the price of their coolers after the show. The cooler continues to do well, but IcyBreeze was sold in 2018. These three owners no longer have the company, but revenue is still at about $3.6 million yearly. 

IcyBreeze coolers seem to be experiencing some supply shortages and issues, and only some of the products are available from their website this year. However, they are expected to restock soon. You can purchase your own cooler at the IcyBreeze website

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