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Ever had trouble finding time to wash your sheets? Maxwell Cohen has a clean, fresh solution for you. His company, AfreSHeet, makes layered, peel-away polyester sheets. When your sheets get dirty, simply peel away the first layer! What will the sharks think of this convenience product when Maxwell brings it to Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our AfreSHeet update and recap.

Shark Tank AfreSHeet Update

AfreSHeet Update

  • Entrepreneur: Maxwell Cohen
  • Business: Disposable, tear-away sheets 
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Maxwell’s pitch for his AfreSHeet product started with a demonstration, which involved peeling the top layer of a soiled sheet away to reveal a fresh sheet underneath. The sharks were more amused than impressed throughout the pitch.

However, the sheets were completely recyclable. Maxwell started his business in college and the sheets were aimed at college students, summer camps, and elderly homes. 

He passed out samples. Robert Herjavec didn’t like how they felt, as they weren’t very soft. Each sheet sold for $29.95, with only 400 units sold at the time of filming. Maxwell revealed that he invested $12,000 in the business himself, and even had talks with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Unfortunately, the company didn’t want to introduce the company to the world. 

Mark Cuban was the first to go out because he thought Maxwell still didn’t have a plan. Kevin O’Leary hated the product and went out, too. Lori Greiner went out because the product didn’t feel comfortable, and Daymond John didn’t believe in the concept. This left Robert Herjavec as the last remaining shark. 

Robert could see why there was a market but was hesitant because people weren’t buying it. Since he didn’t have any orders, Robert went out too. Is this company still around today? Let’s find out in our AfreSHeet update.

After the episode aired, Maxwell sold out of all of his limited inventory. Unfortunately, the sheets never became available again. Our research revealed that the company went out of business shortly after the episode aired.

This will be our final AfreSHeet update.

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