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Entrepreneurs Nick and Penelope LaRosa pitched their skin product during Shark Tank Season 3. Instant Lifts are their solution to battling cellulite and sagging skin in women. They use a hi-tech dermal adhesive to achieve this. Will the sharks be moved to invest? Find out in our Instant Lifts update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Instant Lifts after Shark Tank!

Nick and Penelope LaRosa appeared on Shark Tank Season 3, but ultimately left without a deal. In terms of an Instant Lifts update, the company is still in business. They eventually rebranded, and the website says that they’ve sold over 1 million Instant Lifts.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban No deal
Kevin O’Leary No deal
Barbara Corcoran No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer
Daymond John No offer

Shark Tank Instant Lifts Update

Instant Lifts update

  • Entrepreneur: Nick and Penelope LaRosa
  • Business: Clear adhesives for saggy skin
  • Ask: $100,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Nick and Penelope walked into the tank, with their Instant Lifts products. They share with the sharks that they have figured out how to solve cellulite and saggy skin for women, with their invention.

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Instant Lifts are basically clear adhesives that go on the skin, to lift and reposition the skin. In turn, this makes everything look firm and tight.

Additionally, they also hide discreetly under clothes. Penelope demonstrates the way it makes her upper arm look, before and after with the Instant Lifts.

Daymond John was not convinced that the adhesive would work through the day. Penelope told the sharks that if they can hold up in sweaty and hot Tampa, Florida where they live, then they can hold up anywhere.

She clarified then that they could last between twelve and fifteen hours a day, with one use. 

Mark Cuban asked about sales, and Penelope said that in the five months they’d been operating, they’d sold about $75,000 through direct sales and websites. She also told them that a pack of five cost $19.95.

Barbara Corcoran eventually asked why they haven’t made them for the chin. Penelope says they are only there to talk about their Instant Lifts product that covers 5 body parts, from the shoulders down.

Further, she stated that they do have other products, however those have separate patents, and they’re not included in the deal.

Unfortunately, this seemed to rub the sharks the wrong way. Several of them continued to inquire as to why face products from the company would not be part of the deal.

Penelope then specified that they were entirely different businesses. This unfortunately caused Mark to question whether they would be able to stay focused on this business if he invested in it.

Nick added that they could probably work something out, however, Daymond seemed to lose interest, and he suddenly dropped out.

Kevin O’Leary said they basically all felt uncomfortable with the division of products, because if there are other businesses, then they aren’t working 100% for him. With that, he also went out.

Nick again suggested that they could add in another product called the “Smooth Sleepers’, however, Penelope told her husband that the sharks are actually interested in the “Face Lifts”. However, she said that the product doesn’t belong to them to sell.

The sharks become agitated by this, however Penelope points out that she actually has over 5 inventions and several patents. Although, this seems to prove the sharks point further, because they wanted partners who were all in, time-wise.

Mark added that there was overall too much confusion, and a potentially mistaken strategic approach. He then went out, followed by Kevin.

Robert Herjavec agreed that it was all too confusing, and went out too, leaving only Barbara in play.

Barbara thought the valuation was ultimately too high, and not backed by current sales. She went out, leaving Nick and Penelope without a deal.

Do you think they finally succeeded following Shark Tank? Keep reading our Instant Lifts update for more information. 

Our Instant Lifts update shows that the company continues to be in business today. Nick and Penelope eventually rebranded their products, and focused on a clearer approach.

The products are being sold by retailers, including Amazon, and 35 Walmart locations. They can be found on the Instant Lifts website.

According to the website, they’ve sold over 1 million Instant Lifts to date!

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