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With the hopes of targeting the MMA crowd for their clothing company, Craig French came onto Shark Tank Season 1 with high hopes of striking a deal. Crooked Jaw was looking for an investment of $200,000 dollars in exchange for 20% equity. Let’s see if Craig French was able to secure a deal for his clothing brand. We also will provide an important Crooked Jaw update to see what happened after this episode aired. 

Shark Tank Crooked Jaw Update

Crooked Jaw Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Craig French
  • Business: Clothing
  • Ask: $200,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal.
  • Sharks:  None

Craig told the sharks that his company had already sold more than 1,500 units of clothing. The company was currently featured in surfboard and skate shops in local regions, but no national clothing chains yet. The sharks were a bit concerned that there weren’t more sales orders after Craig brought his clothing brand to its first trade show.

Robert Herjavec was the first shark to drop out because he believed that Craig’s company was crashing and burning.  With less than $5,000 dollars in gross revenue sales, very few of the sharks had enough confidence to consider making an investment. Daymond John was on the fence about whether to invest, but even with his background in the clothing industry, he dropped out as well.

All of the remaining sharks dropped out after Daymond admitted that he was dropping out. The sharks generally agreed that there was no clear path to getting their investment back in a timely fashion without an enormous amount of risk. So, Craig and his company left the tank without an investment.

Let’s fast forward to the present day to get our final Crooked Jaw update.  The sharks were following their financial instincts when they passed on making an investment with this particular clothing brand. It turns out that they were probably correct in the end. Craig shut down Crooked Jaw in 2015 because it never gained enough exposure even after appearing on Shark Tank.

Craig French was forced to close his business and move on to the next chapter of his life. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be our final Crooked Jaw update. 

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