The Bobble Place Bobbleheads Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Jeff Wolsky brings a fresh take on the bobblehead business to Shark Tank Season 1. He’s allowing clients to create custom-made bobbles, using their photos or their specifications. Will the sharks nod along to this project on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in The Bobble Place update! 

Shark Tank The Bobble Place Update

The Bobble Place Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jeff Wolsky
  • Business: Custom bobble heads
  • Ask: $75,000 for 18%
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Jeff Wolsky entered Shark Tank Season 1 with custom bobbleheads of the sharks. This immediately charmed them, especially Kevin O’Leary. Jeff talked about everything that was unique about The Bobble Place, especially the extent of customization available to clients.

The sharks quickly gleaned that The Bobble Place was only part of a larger, established company that Jeff had.

Daymond John asked if the original company was profitable, and Jeff was a bit cautious with his answers. Ultimately, he admitted that the company was making seven figures.

Jeff specified that he was only seeking an investment into the kiosk-operated bobblehead business, not in the whole company.

He was looking to expand into retail, which immediately put Kevin and Robert Herjavec off.

None of the sharks were happy that the profitable business wasn’t part of the deal. Their enthusiasm completely vanished when Jeff could offer them no projected profits for the kiosk business. 

Kevin offered $75,000 at 18% for the whole business, which Jeff immediately declined. Daymond John went out, because he thought Jeff wasn’t seeking a mutually profitable agreement.

Kevin Harrington followed, as he didn’t see why Jeff would need that much money to test out the kiosks.

Barbara Corcoran didn’t feel right about being denied the rest of the business, and went out.

The remaining Kevin changed his deal, offering $100,000 at 20% for the whole business, contingent on the mall expansion getting scrapped.

Robert offered $125,000 for 20%. Jeff countered by asking both sharks to partner up and offer $225,000 for 10% equity. 

Kevin and Robert sent Jeff out of the room to confer. When he came back, they offered $100,000 for 20%, which Jeff declined.

Robert reiterated his initial solo offer of $125,000 for 20%, but Jeff countered with a 7% stake in the company.

Robert and Kevin went out, which left Jeff without a deal. How do you think he did after that? Keep reading The Bobble Place update to find out. 

We have great news to share in The Bobble Place update. Research revealed that the company continues to operate online, with an annual revenue of $5 million.

The company has now been rebranded as WeBobble, and you can check out their bobble options on their website

With a successful The Bobble Place update, it just proves that you don’t always have to leave with a deal.

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