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A father of eight kids, Merrick Maxfield discovered he had a problem, after spending far too much money on probiotics and yogurt for his family that only lasted a few days. Because of this, he came up with a way to make probiotic-rich yogurt at home. Will he also make a deal on Shark Tank Season 12? Find out in our Probiotic Maker update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Probiotic Maker after Shark Tank!

Probiotic Maker appeared on Shark Tank Season 12 and left without a deal. In terms of a Probiotic Maker update, the company managed to sell 5,000 units within a few weeks of airing and has been continuing to grow since Shark Tank.

Shark:  Result:
Robert Herjavec No Offer
Kevin O’Leary No Offer
Daymond John No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Mark Cuban No Offer

Shark Tank Probiotic Maker Update

Probiotic Maker Update

  • Entrepreneur: Merrick Maxfield
  • Business: A product that lets homeowners culture and create yogurt overnight
  • Ask: $150,000 for 7% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Merrick brought his company and product Probiotic Maker to Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 19. He has created a probiotic starter pack that includes everything customers need to develop and culture their own yogurt at home.

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All buyers need to do is add the starter pack to their preferred milk or milk alternative. They then place the warming sleeve over the bottle, and let it thicken overnight.

According to Merrick, this simple but effective process is enough to give families fresh yogurt in the morning. Families can then add whatever ingredients they want to the yogurt, like fruits and sweeteners.

After a successful taste test by the sharks, Lori Greiner asked Merrick what strains of probiotic were in the packet. Things start to go downhill for him when he struggles to answer the question.

Robert Herjavec then spoke up and wanted to know about sales. Merrick shared that in 2018, sales were $22,000.

In 2019, sales increased to $76,000, although sales have gone down significantly since then for various reasons.

Merrick went on to share that the Probiotic Maker sells for $99.95 MSRP, and costs just under $20 to produce.

Concerned about safety, and admitting that he doesn’t know the science behind FDA requirements, Daymond John was the first shark to drop out.

Lori went out next because the product and packaging didn’t include the information about safety testing that she needed to feel comfortable investing in or using the product.

Then, Kevin O’Leary chimed in that there were far too many challenges in customer education, plus, he hated the valuation. For these reasons, he was also out.

Robert went out next because he disagreed with the valuation. Last but not least, Mark Cuban followed out, sharing that there were too many challenges from the marketing side.

Unfortunately, the sharks were not willing to invest, and Merrick left Shark Tank empty-handed. Keep reading our Probiotic Maker update to find out what happened following his pitch!

In our Probiotic Maker update research, we found that the company is still in business despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank. Merrick seems to have figured out how to keep going without the help of a shark.

If the concept of making your own yogurt at home sounds appealing, products are available on Amazon, as well as on the Probiotic Maker website.

While the sharks had several concerns about the yogurt maker, it appears that customers are split, given reviews we found on Amazon. Some say it works well, while others say it doesn’t work at all.

Additionally, many customers appear to be put off by the high price tag, especially for something they essentially compare to a heating pad.

If you’re interested in trying the product, but unsure if you want to risk spending the money, the company website has a great offer going. You can try the Probiotic Maker risk-free for 60 days, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

If we get any more news on a Probiotic Maker update, we will be sure to let you know!

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