Gladiator Lacrosse Equipment Update | Shark Tank Season 7

If you love lacrosse, then you’ll be very interested in what Rachel Zietz has to offer. This 15-year old set out to create a better experience for playing the game she loves. Will the sharks be interested in scoring a goal on Shark Tank Season 7? Read our Gladiator Lacrosse update to see what happens.

Shark Tank Gladiator Lacrosse Update

Gladiator Lacrosse Update

  • Entrepreneur: Rachel Zietz
  • Business: Quality training equipment for lacrosse
  • Ask: $100,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Rachel entered Shark Tank Season 7 to talk about how her passion for lacrosse influenced the creation of her product. Her Gladiator Lacrosse equipment helped her train at home, without depending on low-quality rebounders. Rachel showed Daymond John how Gladiator Lacrosse worked.

Gladiator Lacrosse Official Lacrosse Goal with a 6mm Net, Orange, 100% Steel Frame, 6 x 6-Foot, Standard, 72″ x 72″

Durable 6MM Net Braided Polyester Net and Lacing Cord. Snap Pieces For Easy Construction. 90% Polyester / 10% Cotton. Angled Base Bar Construction.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

She explained how she started Gladiator Lacrosse with a $30,000 loan from her entrepreneur parents at twelve years old. By the time she appeared in the tank she’d already paid her loan back and made over $300,000 in sales.

Kevin O’Leary was interested in market size to which Rachel explained that the market went well above $100 million, and she planned to dominate the market by expanding her product line.

Rachel already had one employee and was looking for an investment to put money into marketing, online sales, and more employees.

Kevin was not convinced she could put all the time needed into running a business at her age. He went out because he thought it would turn out to be just a hobby for her.

Mark Cuban was impressed by her achievements but had no idea about lacrosse so he went out. Robert Herjavec went out because he didn’t think Rachel needed an investor.

Daymond went out because he didn’t think he could add value to her business for the equity involved.

Lori Greiner offered Rachel plenty of advice, but she didn’t know about the world of lacrosse and didn’t think she could add value either. She went out.

Rachel had to leave the tank without a deal, but do you think that stopped her drive? Keep reading our Gladiator Lacrosse update to see what happened next.

Our Gladiator Lacrosse update shows that Rachel’s progress in the business world has been stratospheric. Gladiator Lacrosse products are still being sold after attracting the interest of many retailers.

Rachel is a Princeton student and has already been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

You can check out Gladiator Lacrosse on the company’s website and a wide range of products are also available on Amazon.

We are very confident that our next Gladiator Lacrosse update will be even more promising.

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