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Wellingtons Frozen Beef Wellingtons | Shark Tank Season 15

Entrepreneurs Anastasia and Arya Alexander pitched their frozen food company during Shark Tank Season 15. Wellingtons makes Beef Wellingtons available to consumers, without having to do the work to prepare the luxurious main course. Will the sharks take a bite out of this opportunity? Find out in our Wellingtons update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Wellingtons after Shark Tank!

Anastasia and Arya Alexander appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 but walked away without a deal. In terms of a Wellingtons update, the company is still in business and did $600,000 in sales within 4 days of airing on Shark Tank!

Shark: Result:
Michael Rubin No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer

Shark Tank Wellingtons Update

Wellingtons update

  • Entrepreneurs: Anastasia and Arya Alexander
  • Business: Frozen Beef Wellingtons
  • Ask: $200,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

The husband and wife duo, and founders of Wellingtons, Anastasia and Arya Alexander, brought their pre-packaged Beef Wellingtons to Shark Tank Season 15. This special-occasion dish features Filet Mignon, wrapped in a flakey puff pastry.

The problem with Beef Wellington, however, is that baking it can be complicated. For this reason, most people just never attempt it.

These entrepreneurs created Wellingtons to change this. Their frozen Beef Wellingtons mean that anyone can enjoy the dish at home.

Additionally, they are shipped directly to the customer. Their Classic, full-sized Welly is prepared in their commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, California.

Besides the classic, they also offer a Cheeseburger Welly, a Breakfast Welly, and a Hazelnut and Chocolate Welly. Besides these, they also have a line of bite-size Welly Bites, which includes Buffalo Chicken and Cheeseburger.

Finally, the sharks get to sample the products. One by one, they all say how good everything is.

The Classic Welly retails for $35 and costs $9.41 to make. Although they sell directly to the consumer through their own website, they also sell through Goldbelly, which is like Postmates, but with overnight shipping.

Through the Goldbelly platform, a 4-pack of the Classic Welly sells for $169, which also includes shipping. Meanwhile, if purchased through the company website it costs $140.

In terms of sales, during the year prior to filming, they made $313,000 in sales, but they lost $260,000.

Kevin O’Leary drops out and says the company will never make money with the business model they’re using. He also says that he does something similar, and because he’s a competitor, he cannot invest.

Guest shark Michael Rubin says that the business is too early for him to invest in. He also advises that they stick to direct-to-consumer sales without the third-party site, but ultimately, he’s out.

Mark Cuban is concerned that the company will never be able to scale by just sticking to the website. He thinks they need to connect with party planners and event coordinators, however, he is out.

Arya adds that they just closed a PO deal with a hotel chain, that will purchase 200 units of Welly Bites to two of their locations every month.

Lori Greiner says that for her to invest, she has to be passionate about the product. Although she does eat meat, she doesn’t eat very much of it, so she is out.

Barbara Corcoran asks Anastasia and Arya what they are looking for in a shark. They say they need help with distribution channels and access to co-packers.

After some consideration, Barbara ultimately drops out, saying that it’s just not the right investment for her.

With that, Arya and Anastasia are forced to leave Shark Tank Season 15 without a deal, but what happened following the show? Keep reading our Wellingtons update to find out!

After they aired on Shark Tank, we were able to catch up with Arya and Anastasia to get an official Wellingtons update and have some great news to share. “We just hit $600,000 in sales across 5,000 new customers in less than 4 days,” Arya told us.

Further, Anastasia shared that their time with the sharks forced them to re-evaluate how much business they were doing through third-party platforms. After thinking it though, they decided to focus their efforts on selling directly to customers from their own website.

“When we received the email about our air date, we immediately buckled down and optimized everything from email flow campaigns to logistics and ads,” Anastasia explained. “We captured a ton of valuable data from all the people heading to our side and I can confidently say that without our Shark Tank experience, we would not have been motivated to get to where we are today”

We also spoke to Arya and Anastasia about leaving without a deal. They both shared that they wished they had done a little more research on Barbara and her previous investments like Cousins Maine Lobster to help persuade her to make an offer.

Regardless, it seems that they are well on their way to growing Wellingtons into a multi-million dollar business. If the products taste half as good as the sharks said, then we’re sure the company will do just fine!

If you’d like to place an order, head to the Wellingtons website and don’t miss the featured Shark Tank Pack that they’re offering.

When we get more news on a Wellingtons update, we will let you know!

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