Season 11 Products

Shark Tank Season 11 kicked off on Sunday, September 29, 2019, and ended its 24-episode run on May 15, 2020. Season 11 of Shark Tank was filmed before the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and the rest of the globe. Series regulars such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John, were all present. However, a handful of different entrepreneurs also lent their expertise, knowledge, and finances in Season 11. The Season 11 guest sharks include Katrina Lake, Daniel Lubetzky, Maria Sharapova, Anne Wojcicki, Rohan Oza, and Matt Higgins. Below is a list of all Shark Tank Season 11 products and company updates.

All Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Episode 1


Blueland was the first company to pitch in Shark Tank Season 11. The company, which specializes in eco-friendly cleaning and personal products, wanted to partner with a shark for $270,000 in exchange for 2% equity. Kevin O’Leary, who specializes in royalty deals, swooped in to take a bite out of Blueland to add it to his portfolio of businesses. Read our Blueland update to know more about what has happened since Blueland struck a deal with Mr. Wonderful.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

MinusCal is a snack bar company that got a chance to pitch its weight-loss products in the Shark Tank alongside other Season 11 products. The company, which was founded by Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, had zero revenue at the time of their pitch and yet they asked for $500,000 in exchange for 20% equity. Unsurprisingly, MinsCal did not get a deal. Be sure to check out our MinusCal update to find out what happened to the company.

The Baby Toon

The Baby Toon was a 1st-grade science fair project that eventually became a legitimate product. The 2-in-1 soft baby spoon was specifically designed to help toddlers and babies feed themselves in an easier and safer way. The Baby Toon got a chance to pitch to the sharks in Season 11 and asked for $50,000 for 50% of their company. Lori Greiner eventually matched their ask. Don’t forget to read our The Baby Toon update to find out where they are now!

TaDah Foods

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TaDah Foods was founded with the premise of making authentic Mediterranean cuisine available to everyone in the world. To make it happen, the company pitched during Shark Tank Season 11 to ask for a $300,000 investment for a 10% stake. Guest shark, Daniel Lubetzky, offered so much more as the two struck a deal by the end of the presentation. What has happened to Tadah Foods since? Read our TaDah Foods update to find out!

Episode 2

Circadian Optics

Circadian Optics was born out of need. After noticing the negative effects of working in a dark office, Amber Leong made light therapy lamps that supplemented the body’s Circadian Rhythm. After asking for a $750,000 investment in 10% of her company, Amber landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner who teamed up to give Amber more than what she asked for. Don’t forget to check out our Circadian Optics update for more details.

Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is a supplemental oxygen company that was pitched on Shark Tank. The company offered 5% equity in its company in exchange for a $1 million investment. Kevin O’Leary was feeling a little sharky that day, offering Boost Oxygen a loan instead of an investment with much higher equity. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs shook hands with Mr. Wonderful. Find out more about what happened in our Boost Oxygen update.

Face Yoga with KoKo

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Face Yoga with KoKo is a unique face training method designed to fight signs of aging. The founder, Koko Hayashi, sought a $200,000 investment from the Sharks at the time. Unfortunately, Face Yoga didn’t land a deal. Be sure to check out our Face Yoga with Koko update.

Atlas Monroe

Atlas Monroe update shark tank

Atlas Monroe is a vegan catering company that couldn’t just quite hack it with the sharks after seeking a $500,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity. You’ll find out more about what happened to this company in our Atlas Monroe update.

Episode 3


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Eterneva landed a deal with Mark Cuban. Their original ask of $600,000 for 5% equity was changed by the Dallas Mavericks owner to $600,000 for 9% equity. Find out how the company is doing in our Eterneva update.


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Baobab was confident that it was the perfect polo shirt in Shark Tank Season 11. Unfortunately, the sharks didn’t bite on Baoba’s proprietary treatment process. What happened? Here is our Baobab update.


AIRA Update

Unlike other Season 11 products, AIRA landed not just one, not two, but three sharks in total despite asking for a whopping $500,000 investment for a measly 7% equity in their company. How did Aira do that? We’ll be glad to tell you in our AIRA update.

Squid Socks

Baby and toddler socks that won’t fall off sound like a killer idea, and the sharks agree. Squid Socks found a willing partner with Daymond John, who previously worked with Bombas. Has Squid Socks taken off like Daymond’s other socks company? Read our Squid Socks update to find out.

Episode 4

Knife Aid

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Knife Aid is a professional knife sharpening services company offering mail-in options for those who want to keep their knives in tip-top shape. The interesting idea helped the company secure a deal with Lori Greiner and Rohan Oza. How much did the two sharks invest in Knife Aid? You’ll know more if you read our Knife Aid update.

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing already sold well before entering the Shark Tank. Lori Greiner saw Bug Bite Thing as a prime investment opportunity and gave Kelley Higney exactly what she wanted. Read our Bug Bite Thing update to find out how this deal happened.

Plop Star

Despite having a convenient solution to smelly public bathrooms, the sharks did not take a bite out of Plop Star. Check out our Plop Star update for those who want to know if the company found success following the pitch.


Snacklins Update

As a health advocate, Mark Cuban could not let the opportunity pass. So, when one of the healthiest products appeared on Shark Tank Season 11, Mark Cuban immediately punched on the chance to invest in Snacklins. How much money did Mark put into Snacklins? Find out in our Snacklins update.

Episode 5

Tailgate N Go

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Tailgate N Go generated a healthy debate during its Shark Tank Season 11 products pitch as the portable camping kitchen tool drew a lot of interest. Ultimately, Matt Higgins won. Find out where the company is now in our Tailgate N Go update.

Nerdit Now

Nerdit Now Update

Nerdit Now wanted to give the world a fast and easy device repair service. Unfortunately, the sharks couldn’t see their business as investible. Check out our Nerdit Now update to know more.


Mark Cuban added to his treasure trove of investments after Golfkicks pitched their golf shoe company. Find out in our Golfkicks update and recap to see how the owners got Mark to take a bite.

Myo Storm

Myo Storm looked like the perfect addition to Mark Cuban’s list of investments made out of Season 11 products, but it was Lori Greiner who ultimately put in her money. Check out how this innovative massager got the Queen of QVC to say yes to a deal in our Myo Storm update.

Episode 6

The Measuring Shovel

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

The Measuring Shovel was made by a young entrepreneur. What’s even better is that The Measuring Shovel got two sharks to bite in Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. Don’t forget to read out The Measuring Shovel update to find out how the pitch went.

Pili Hunters

Pili Hunters might have one of the more unique stories in Shark Tank, but the entrepreneur wasn’t able to sell part of his company to the sharks and land a deal. How did such a successful businessman fail to woo the sharks? You’ll know if you drop by our Pili Hunters update.

Supply Razor

Supply Razor Update

Supply Razor wanted to dial the clock back to simpler times by asking men to ditch their multi-blade razors for straight razors and it worked. Robert Herjavec even jumped in to invest in Supply Razor. Many years later, the company is doing quite well as per our Supply Razor update.


EZC Pak was one of the worst Season 11 products when it comes to pitches. Yet, despite a rocky presentation, Dr. Malepati still secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary. We’ll let you in on how that happened in our EZC Pak update.

Episode 7

Baubles + Soles

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Daymond John bought into the idea of Baubles + Soles, a company fueled by the desire to offer kids stylish shoes that grew with kids. To date, it’s one of the more successful Season 11 products. You’ll find more information about Daymond’s investment in our Baubles + Soles update.

Dog Threads

The founders believed that Dog Threads were going places, and they certainly did. Mark Cuban saw enough after their pitch to invest in Dog Threads. Here is our Dog Threads update if you want to know how they are doing now.

Peanut Butter Pump

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Peanut Butter Pump was an interesting idea, but couldn’t get a shark to bite in Season 11. Find out how their pitch went and what happened in our Peanut Butter Pump update.

The Yard

What is it with Mark Cuban and Season 11 products? The Billionaire Shark found another investment in The Yard in Season 11. Find out how this happened in our The Yard update.

Episode 8


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

After their pitch, Lori Greiner and Anne Wojcicki teamed up to make an investment in the Steam Cell banking service for dogs and cats. Find out how the sharks reacted to the idea of Stem Cell research in pets in our Gallant update.

Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

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The plant-based corned beef alternative found a willing and eager investor in the Dallas Mavericks owner in Season 11. Our Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli update will tell you just how enthusiastic Mark was with the product.


Terra-Core sought to solve the need for home gym equipment without all the space. Lori Greiner was the shark who was most interested at the time and you’ll find out how this happened in our Terra-Core update.


Outer Update

Of all the Season 11 products, Outer had one of the more complicated deals. Lori Greiner gave the outdoor furniture company a not-so-straightforward investment, but that hasn’t seemed to have stopped the company at all. Find out where Outer is now in our Outer update and recap.

Episode 9

Easy Treezy

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Easy Treezy is a play on words and a company that wanted to solve the dreaded Christmas problem of setting up a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the sharks weren’t feeling too festive, giving the company the distinction of being one of the Season 11 products that didn’t get a deal. You’ll find out why the Sharks passed in our Easy Treezy update.


More than half of all men have beards (and hair, for that matter). Ironically, Beardements landed a deal with Kevin O’Leary, the shark with no hair. How did this novelty company make that happen? You’ll know in our Beardaments update.

Kit Lender

Shark Tank Kit Lender Update

Forrest Shinners saw a big problem with the skiing market, the gear is just too expensive. While the sharks liked the idea, Forrest couldn’t find a partner for his $200,000 for 7% equity offer. So, where is his company now? Find out in our Kit Lender update.

Little ELF

Get better at cutting wrapping paper and packaging gifts with Little ELF. Lori Greiner saw the value in one of the more innovative Season 11 products and the company’s taken off since. Here is our Little Elf update.

Episode 10


The Slumberpod was a blackout sleep tent for babies and toddlers. Despite being a product about sleeping, the sharks were very wide awake during the presentation. Barbara Corcoran ultimately won out against the competition and gave Slumberpod exactly what it needed. Our Slumberpud update will give you an idea of how the company is doing now.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

If you’re looking to feel warm despite extreme weather conditions, Fortress is for you. Unfortunately, it just didn’t sell well with the Sharks. You can read more about how Fortress missed out on a deal in our Fortress update.


ZUUM Update

Robert Herjavec looked like he was having fun during the ZUUM pitch. Unfortunately, the sharks just didn’t see enough in ZUUM to make an investment. Let us know your thoughts about ZUUM after you read our ZUUM update.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Say goodbye to bent frames with Flexscreen. The company aims to make replacing window screens easier and it got the help of Lori Greiner to do it. As a very demonstrable product, the fit could not have been more perfect. Find out how much Lori Greiner invested in the company in our Flexscreen update.

Episode 11

Wise Pocket Products

Wise Pocket Products Update

Lori Greiner and Daymond John teamed up to invest in Wise Pocket Products. The company, which was founded by Sofi Overton, solved the problem of the lack of pockets in women’s and kid’s clothing. Find out how Sofi put Lori and Daymond in her pockets in our Wise Pocket Products update.

Kreyol Essence

Kreyol Essence oil sold the sharks liquid gold and got a deal from Kevin O’Leary. Why did Mr. Wonderful invest in the line of castor oil products? Find out in our Kreyol Essence update.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

LoveSync was one of those Season 11 products that some of us might have cringed at during the presentation. The sharks weren’t too keen on it too seeing that no one made an investment. Learn more about why LoveSync didn’t find success in the Shark Tank in our LoveSync update.

Wanna Date

Mark Cuban might just have the most Season 11 investments. The billionaire tech mogul dropped a hefty sum on Wanna Nate, a naturally sweet healthy sandwich spread that consumers just can’t stop buying. Is Wanna Date still going strong? Find out in our Wanna Date update.

Episode 12

Genius Juice

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Genius Juice is a straightforward product as it’s basically just a coconut smoothie. But, with sales to back up their pitch, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran couldn’t pass up on the deal. You’ll read more about how and why the duo worked together in our Genius Juice update.

Rapid Rope

Rapid Rope is a product meant for emergencies. Chris and Geanie Rodgers developed Rapid Rope as a reliable and quick rope canister that won’t let you down. Their efforts definitely weren’t in vain after asking the sharks for a $200,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity. At the end of their pitch, Barbara Corcoran stepped up to give Rapid Rope the investment it needed in exchange for a 30% equity. Don’t forget to read our Rapid Rope update to know how this happened.

Ready, Set, Food!

Dr. Andy Leitner, Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, and Daniel Zakowski were all in Season 11 of Shark Tank for one of the more game-changing Season 11 products. Ready, Set, Food! is a company based on a concept that introducing common allergens to kids in controlled doses will make them less likely to develop an allergy in the future. After asking for a $350,000 investment in exchange for 7% equity, Ready, Set, Food! shook hands on a deal with Mark Cuban for the same amount of money but only for a slightly higher equity ask (10%). Our Ready, Set, Food! update will tell you everything you need to know about the company.

Ka-Pop! Ancient Grain Snack Co.

Using his experience in the food industry, Dustin Finkel formulated and created Ka-Pop! Ancient Grain Snack Co, which is a healthy snack alternative that uses sorghum. Despite drawing interest from the sharks, Ka-Pop! didn’t get a deal. Why? You’ll have to read our Ka-Pop! update to find out.

Episode 13

Bala Bangles

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Natalie Holoway and Max Kislevitz wanted to make ankle and wrist weights more fashionable with the Bala Bangles. The wearable wrist and ankle weights ultimately got a deal from Mark Cuban and maria Sharapova for $900,000 and 30% equity. How much did Bala Bangles originally ask for? Check out our Bala Bangles update if you want more details.

Shake It Pup!

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi set out to solve the problem with wet dog food with Shake It Pup. After asking the Sharks for a $100,000 investment and putting up a 20% equity stake in their company, AJ and Brett impressed Mark Cuban enough for him to make an offer for $100,000 for 25% equity. How has the delicious deal gone for Mark Cuban and Shake it Pup? Our Shake It Pup update has you covered.

Pips & Bounce

Eugene and Michael Jung wanted to take ping pong and turn it into a legitimate party business. Unfortunately, the sharks just did not see the value in one of the more entertaining Season 11 products after the Oregon-based siblings asked for a $500,000 investment. Find out why the Sharks passed in our Pips and Bounce update.

Fur Oil

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Lori Greiner gave Laura Schubert and Lilian Tung $500,000 in exchange for an 8% equity stake in their company, Fur Oil, a company with market-proven pubic hair care products. Find out how Fur Oil sold Lori Greiner into investing in the business in our Fur Oil update.

Episode 14

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Asher Hunt and Lindsay McCormick hopped into the Shark Tank to pitch their toothpaste substitute, Bite Toothpaste Bits. Unfortunately, the $325,000 ask for 5% equity was just too much for the sharks to handle. Let us know how you would have improved Bite Toothpaste’s pitch after reading our Bite Toothpaste update.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

BabyQuip is a baby gear rental service by Frank Maier and Joe Maier that wanted to make traveling with babies and toddlers easier for parents. While interesting, the sharks just did not see a reason to bite. As one of the more unique Season 11 products, you’ll want to read our BabyQuip update to find out why the sharks didn’t invest after the pitch from the mother and son duo.

Coconut Girl

Coconut Girl Update

Coconut Girl jumped into the Shark Tank at just the right time and got the perfect shark in Mark Cuban. After asking for $180,000 for 18% equity, Mark gave Francheska Yamsuan the deal she gave albeit for 20% equity, which she was more than happy to give. Why is Coconut Girl one of the more popular Shark Tank pitches? We’ll tell you in our Coconut girl update.

Pair Eyewear

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Pair Eyewear by Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein wanted to solve the problem of kids not wanting to wear prescription glasses and also losing them. The entrepreneurs needed a $400,000 investment to help their business excel and they got exactly that from Lori Greiner and Katrina Lake. The deal wasn’t as straightforward though, as you’ll learn in our Pair Eyewear update.

Episode 15

Kids Luv

Ashi Kelinek is solving the problem with sugary children’s drinks with a healthier alternative in Kids Luv. Unfortunately, the sugar-free drink wasn’t enough to get the Sharks hooked after Ashi asked for a $200,000 investment in this Season 11 pitch. You’ll learn why in our Kids Luv update.


Swimply Update

These days, you can rent everything, so why not swimming pools, right? Swimply was born out of that idea and Bunim Laskin thought that he could ask the sharks for $300,000 to invest in his idea. Bunim thought wrong as you’ll find out in our Swimply update.

Space Traveler

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Barbara Corcoran borrowed a page out of Kevin O’Leary’s book with a royalty deal for Space Traveler, a unique product meant to help multi-children parents going on long road trips. Find out more about how Barbar structured her deal in our Space Traveler update.


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For some reason, Kevin O’Leary didn’t go the royalty route with his $120,000 for 25% equity deal with Bertello, a way to get brick oven pizza at home for an affordable price from the minds of Andy and Eric Bert. How do you think Andy and Eric sold Mr. Wonderful on one of the more unique Season 11 products? Our Bertello update might give you an idea.

Episode 16


Shark Tank Boho Update

Of all the Season 11 products, Boho, a camper van sales and rental company got one of the more uniquely structured deals from Barbara Corcoran. What kind of deal did David Sodemann and Brett Ellsenson end up making with Barbara that wasn’t their original ask of $300,000 for 10% equity? You’ll know if you read our Boho update.


Nadine Habayeb entered the Shark Tank to pitch Bohana in Season 11 as a healthy option for popcorn kernels in the form of water lily seeds. After hoping to land a straight equity deal by offering 10% equity to get a $200,000 investment, Kevin O’Leary jumped in with a 3-year loan and equity deal. Learn more about how Kevin structured the Bohana deal in our Bohana update.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Krystal Persaud took the concept of solar panels and turned it into something more accessible. Grouphug is a company that sells solar panels designed to power, not houses, but devices. After asking the Sharks for $150,000, Mark Cuban was more than happy to oblige at the end of Krystal’s pitch. Find out how the deal went and how the company is now in our Grouphug update.

Safety Nailer

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Drew Zirkle wanted to make driving nails with a hammer safer with Safety Nailer in Season 11 and it appears that the sharks saw a lot of value in the idea. Three sharks teamed up to give one of the more ingenious Season 11 products $100,000 in exchange for 33% equity. We’ve let you know who these Sharks were in our Safety Nailer update.

Episode 17

Pasta by Hudson

Pasta By Hudson Update

Brandon Fay thought he had the solution to ordering pasta to go only to find it cold by the time you got home in Pasta by Hudson. After pitching to the Sharks as one of the Season 11 products, Pasta by Hudson got a deal from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. To get two sharks, Brandon Fay had to give up 30% equity (instead of just 10%) but secured $150,000 in funding in return. Read our Pasta by Hudson update to find out how that happened.


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Can you just imagine if there were baby booties and mittens that always stay on? That company would stand to make a fortune! That’s exactly what Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo showed to the sharks when they pitched Goumi during Season 11. Unfortunately, Kevin O’Leary was feeling sharky that day, offering their $1 million ask as a line of credit at a higher equity than they came in asking for (10% equity over 8% equity). Kevin ultimately shook hands with Linsey and Lili, which is why you’re here to read the Goumi update.

Critter Pricker

Joe Balistreri went into the Shark Tank to pitch Critter Picker, which sells spikes designed to deter raccoons and minimize the property damage they can cause. After a few laughs, Kevin O’Leary used his usual royalty deal to secure 15% equity in Critter Pick with just a $115,000 investment. See how Kevin and Joe’s partnership is doing these days in our Critter Picker update.

The Frozen Farmers

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Did you know that fruits that don’t look “good” are automatically scrapped by most supermarkets? To combat this problem, Katey Evans came up with Frozen Farmer. The company sells ice cream using damaged and misshapen fruit. After seeking a $125,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity, Katey shook hands with Lori Greiner for a deal that asked her to give up only 30% equity. How is Lori’s investment these days doing? Find out in our Frozen Farmer update.

Episode 18


Muvez Footwear Update

Daymond John invested in Muvez, a footwear company that designed slippers that convert to shoes, in Season 11. It’s easily one of the most innovative Season 11 products, which is why Ryan Cruz, Eric Cruz, and Kevin Zamora, all got a $200,000 investment in exchange for just a 25% equity stake in their company in Season 11. Read our Muvez update to know more about why Daymond decided they were worth it.

Prepwell Academy

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Phil Black is a serial entrepreneur who’s been to the Shark Tank before. This time around, he’s pitching Prepwell Academy, a company whose goal is to help kids prepare for college admissions tests. Despite getting praise from the sharks for his business idea, Phil didn’t get the $100,000 ask he wanted. We’ll tell you why in our Prepwell Academy update.


Beddley Update

Lola Ogden came in Season 11 of Shark Tank to ask the Sharks for a $150,000 investment for 10% equity for Beddley, which sells convenient duvet covers. While the product was promising, Lola wasn’t lucky enough to get a deal. If you’re curious to find out more, read our Beddley update for more info.

Bad Birdie

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Jason Richardson sold Robert Herjavec on Bad Birdie in Season 11 and got $300,000 in exchange for 20% equity in return. How did one of the more creative Season 11 products do this? See more in our Bad Birdie update.

Episode 19

Just the Cheese

Despite walking into the Shark Tank wearing an elaborate costume, David Scharfman didn’t get a $500,000 investment from the sharks in Season 11 for Just the Cheese, a company that sells keto cheese bars. Find out why the sharks didn’t take a bite out of the cheesy deal in our Just the Cheese update.


Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen asked the sharks for a $750,000 investment for 5% equity in their company, Neuro Gum, which sells caffeinated mints and gum. Unfortunately, the sharks were clearly not impressed enough with the product and focused on the negatives. What did the sharks not like about Neuro Gum? Read our Neuro Gum update to find out.

Seriously Slime

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott saw how popular slime kits were with kids and decided to make a venue and event service company with it in Seriously Slime. Ultimately, the sharks were unimpressed with the nature of the business. Read up on why the Sharks didn’t invest in Seriously Slime in our Seriously Slime update.

First Saturday Lime

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Jessica Jacobs as well as Jana and Zac McDaniel came into the Shark Tank to sell the sharks its eco-friendly pest repellant, First Saturday Lime. After asking for a $100,000 investment, Kevin O’Leary obliged but for 25% equity instead of 10%. Here is our First Saturday Lime update so you’ll know what happened that day.

Episode 20

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes’ owner, Holly Cooper, went into the Shark Tank in Season 11 asking for a $200,000 investment for 15% equity so that she could scale her business. Barbara Corcoran eventually gave Holly the money she needed after she said yes to the 30% equity ask. How is Green Tomatoes doing now? You’ll find out in our Fried Green Tomatoes update.

Little Burros

Little Burros is a nifty little tool for those who garden often. It is the brainchild of the father-daughter duo, Bob and mollie Thorsen. Unfortunately, despite being one of the more impressive Season 11 products, the sharks weren’t too enthused with making a $250,000 investment. You’ll learn why the sharks didn’t dig the idea in our Little Burros update.


Jiggaerobics Update

LaDonte Lotts got everyone’s bloom pumper in Season 11 with his traveling dance class company, Jiggaerobics. Despite his charisma, LaDonte couldn’t woo the Sharks enough to throw him a bone, as you’ll find out in our Jiggaerobics update.

Mural Painter

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Mural Painter and owner, Emily Strauss, found a willing partner in Barbara Corcoran for the hand-painted signs and promo agency. While complicated, what’s important is Mural Painter got a deal with a Shark that cared. What kind of deal did Barbara give Emily? You’ll have to read our Mural Painter update for that.

Episode 21

Unbuckle Me

Barb Heilman and Becca Davison came up with a way to make unbuckling car seats easier in Unbuckle Me. The mother-daughter duet gave the sharks a chance to invest in one of the best Season 11 products and their efforts weren’t wasted. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban teamed up to give Unbuckle Me a $100,000 investment for 20% equity. Find out more in our Unbuckle Me update.


Tanoshi is a company by Lisa Love, Brad Johnston, and Greg Smith, which sells affordable tablets designed to help make computer literacy more accessible. How did they get Daymond John to invest $500,000 in exchange for 20% equity? You’ll want to read our Tanoshi update for that info.


Proven Update

Ming Zhao’s skincare company, Proven, aims to create customized skincare and cosmetic options for all. Unfortunately, the $500,000 ask and the measly equity offered (just 5%), dissuaded the sharks from making an investment. Find out everything that happened during this pitch in our Proven update.

Van Robotics

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Laura Boccanfuso saw a glaring problem with math proficiency in the United States, which is why she created the robotic children’s math tutor, Van Robotics. This experimental technology held promise, but the sharks just weren’t huge fans of it at the time. Don’t forget to check out our Van Robotics update to know more about the failed pitch.

Episode 22

Tough Tie

Tough Tie Update

Kevin Shoemaker and Skyler Bennett founded Tough Ties on the premise of providing professional parents with a child-friendly tie alternative. Being a new father himself, Robert Herjavec saw the value in Tough Ties immediately. The trio shook hands on a $100,000 for 35% equity in Season 11, and you’ll learn more about this deal in our Tough Tie update.

Lord Von Schmitt

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Schuyler Ellers might hold the distinction for one of the most flamboyant Season 11 products presentations if not all time. Ellers and co wore colorful clothing made out of handmade afghan items to try and seduce the sharks to do a deal. Unfortunately, they were much too smart to believe in theatrics alone. Why do we say that? Read our Lord Von Schmitt update if you’re curious.


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Nick Baker funded Dadware, a company that sells shirts that make skin-to-skin bonding between dads and their newborns easier. Unfortunately, Nick’s pitch wasn’t enough to get the sharks to bite and give him $100,000 for 20% equity. We’ll tell you more about Nick’s time on Shark Tank in our Dadware update.

Potty Safe

Colt and Stacy Hall created Potty Safe due to their need for a less messy way of potty training their daughter. Since getting $50,000 for 20% equity from Lori Greiner, Potty Safe has become quite the company, as you’ll soon learn in our Potty Safe update.

Episode 23

MC Squares

Mc Squares is Anthony Franco’s attempt at displacing the non-dying sticky notes from its perch on top of its market. The sharks appear to agree with the quality of rancho’s presentation. But, at the end of the day, it was Kevin O’Leary who struck an agreement and got a $300,000 investment in exchange for “just” 25% equity. How did Mr. Wonderful make the deal with Anthony happen? The secret lies in our mcSquares update.

Rescue Ready

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Rescue Ready offers a safer fire safety ladder alternative that will make fight fighters smile. Rescue Ready is easily one of the more divisive Season 11 products, which might have contributed to the company not getting the $75,000 for a 15% equity investment it needed at the time. Our Rescue Ready update should help give you a better idea of what happened to this pitch.


Would you pay $400,000 as an investment for 10% equity in a company that sells healthier and high-protein chocolate milk alternatives? Probably not. This is the problem that Manny Lubin and Josh Belinsky faced after pitching Slate in their Shark Tank appearance. Keep reading our Slate update to learn about what went right and wrong.


Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Jeff Applebaum came into the Shark Tank in Season 11 to pitch a delivery-first restaurant service, Salted. It’s a shame though that Jeff couldn’t impress the Sharks enough to at least consider offering him somewhere close to the $500,000 for 5% equity for Salted. You’ll find out more about this in our Salted update.

Episode 24

Dreamland Baby

Tara Williams came into Shark Tank to find an investor for her baby sleeping blanket company, Dreamland Baby. The sharks were smitten by the high-quality sleeping blankets. Lori Greiner, in particular, couldn’t help herself but make a deal for one of the more adorable Season 11 products. Here’s our Dreamland Baby update to find out how much Lori invested in the company.

The Mad Optimist

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Mohamed, Mohamed, and Anthony founded Mad Optimist, a company that sells fully customizable soap and other body care products. After entertaining the sharks with their pitch for $60,000 for 10% equity, Mark Cuban stepped up to give the trio what they wanted but for 20% equity. How did this all go down? You’ll want to read our Mad Optimist update to find out.

Rollin Greens

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Robert Herjavec invested half a million for 20% equity in Rollin Greens, a plant and grain-based snack company by Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham. Find out what Robert and the other sharks had to say about this healthy snack alternative in our Rollin Greens update.

Yellow Leaf

Shark Tank Season 11 Products

Yellow Leaf is a company that sells Thailand-made hand-woven hammocks that has a social cause. Part of the profits from Yellow Leaf is given back to the Thai living in rural communities who make these hammocks. Touched by the mission, Daniel Lubetzky offered $1 million for 25% equity for Yellow Leaf. Find out more about how that deal came to be in our Yellow Leaf update.

There you have it, all of the Shark Tank Season 11 products and companies. For more, be sure to check out our full list of all shark tank products!