Wondercide Bug Repellant for Pets Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Are you a pet owner worried about highly toxic bug repellants? Luckily, Stephanie Boone and Laura Alter have a line of all-natural pest control products which also includes pet skincare and flea and tick control. What will the sharks think about Stephanie and Laura’s proposal on Shark Tank Season 7? Read this Wondercide update to see what happens.

Shark Tank Wondercide Update

Wondercide Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Stephanie Boone and Laura Alter
  • Business: All-natural line of bug repellent for pets
  • Ask: $500,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $500,000 for 3% equity and 50 cents per unit sold until repayment
  • Shark: Lori Greiner

Laura and Stephanie entered Shark Tank Season 7 with a dog and entertained the sharks with their presentation. Stephanie talked about how she started Wondercide thanks to her dog Luna, following an adverse reaction to a vet-prescribed flea and tick treatment.

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Kevin O’Leary asked what market they were chasing, and they confirmed that they cater primarily to pets and pet owners. Mark Cuban wanted to figure out what made their products stand out, with an assist from Robert Herjavec stating that there are plenty of all-natural lines available on the market.

Stephanie and Laura replied that they only use 100% active ingredients and no water, unlike many other products from other lines. Lab testing confirmed that the Wondercide products can quickly and efficiently eliminate bed bugs, ticks, and fleas.

This information started to get the sharks’ attention, but they became impressed with the figures. Laura and Stephanie stated that they had $4 million in sales, with $3.5 million projected for the current year.

Around 75% of Wondercide products are sold in pet markets, with 80% of sales happening online. When Laura and Stephanie said that they had a 70% profit margin, Daymond John found it a very enticing figure.

The sharks were interested in what Laura and Stephanie wanted to do with the investment. They were planning on introducing their products to retail outlets and the wholesale market, but they were open to Mark’s suggestion of tripling their online sales.

Daymond offered them the option to license Wondercide products under one of his lines, but the 15% he asked for in return for the $500,000 left Laura and Stephanie feeling doubtful. Kevin then made an offer of $500,000 at 3% equity with a 6.75% royalty until $1.5 million would be repaid.

A lot of negotiating ensued, with Laura and Stephanie standing their ground on equity. Mark Cuban was the first shark out, and Daymond repeated his offer. Laura and Stephanie said that they would consider higher equity for higher investment.

Lori tried to make an offer, but Kevin interrupted to ask her to join his own deal option. Despite this, Lori made her offer of $500,000 at 3% equity but with a $0.50 royalty per unit sold until repayment. She asked if Daymond would join her offer, but he showed no interest.

After careful consideration of their three offers, Laura and Stephanie accepted Lori’s deal, which earned them a successful exit from the tank. Would you like to know what happened after they left the sharks? Keep reading this Wondercide update to find out.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Wondercide has continued to be a success. Research for our Wondercide update revealed that its current annual revenue is usually between $1 and $3 million.  

A wealth of products in many sizes and options are available on the Wondercide website as well as on Amazon. 

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