Reely Hooked Fish Co. Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Captain Hooked and The Reel Assassin came into the tank with their own smoked fish dip. The recipe is authentic, one-of-kind, and healthy. Did this fish dip hold its own? Let’s find out in out Shark Tank Reely Hooked Fish Co. update and pitch recap.

Shark Tank Reely Hooked Fish Co. Update

Reely Hooked Fish Co. Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Steven Markley and James Arcaro
  • Business: Healthy fresh fish dip
  • Ask: $75,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $75,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Reely Hooked Fish Co. fish dip has a different recipe than other dips because it has greek yogurt as the base. The yogurt helps cut down on calories and adds protein to the snack. They also use mackerel in their dip, which smokes better than other types of fish.

The strategy that Steve Markley and James Acaro went with was marketing to micro-breweries. The duo currently has products in three breweries and one small retailer, with sales to date totaling $10,000 in three months. Steve and James brought came to Shark Tank because they need money to allow them to run the business full-time and quit their jobs as firemen.

The first shark to drop was Daymond John, who didn’t see the company as scalable. Lori Greiner also thought scaling the business would be very difficult and dropped as well.

Kevin O’Leary didn’t think the guys had enough sales and also went out. Mark Cuban gave a “sharky” offer of $75,000 for 25%, matching what Steven and James asked for. They went for it and sealed the deal with a hug.

Unfortunately, our Shark Tank Reely Hooked Fish Co. update research revealed that the company went out of business. Their last post on their Facebook and Instagram was in 2019. Further, their website has been taken down too.

After appearing on the tank, the deal did go through with Mark Cuban. Reely Hooked Fish Co. began making its way into several Florida restaurants, just as Mark was suggesting in the episode, however, it never went national, as the dip was never shipped fresh across the United States.

Continuing on as an entrepreneur, Steven Markey has started a new business: Pools Next Door. Pools next door is a pool service company based in Florida. The company repairs, remodels, inspects, paints, and cleans pools. They also install pumps and do other routine maintenance.

There is no update to be found on the other owner, James Arcaro. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be our final Reely Hooked Fish Co. update.

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