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Ice Age Meals appeared on Shark Tank on September 23, 2016. Founder Nick Massie left the tank without a deal from the sharks after he was unable to explain his $10 million valuation. Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened during the frozen paleo meals pitch as well as news on an Ice Age Meals update after Shark Tank.

Ice Age Meals Update After Shark Tank

  • Entrepreneur: Nick Massie
  • Business: Frozen paleo meals
  • Ask: $1,000,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

Founder Nick Massie presented Ice Age Meals to the sharks on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 2. The company creates frozen paleo meals that can be shipped to your house and can be quickly prepared for a paleo-friendly meal. If you’re not familiar with the paleo diet, it includes things like meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while completely eliminating sugar.

While on Shark Tank, the Ice Age Meals founder shared that the company started selling in August 2015 and by the time it appeared on the show it had done an impressive $1.5 million in sales. Nick didn’t share profit margins, but each meal retails for $10 and costs just under $3 to make. Further, Nick shared that he was in the early stages of working out a deal with the official CrossFit brand.

However, despite solid sales and a potential deal lined up, the sharks disagreed with Nick’s $10 million valuation and he was unable to give them a proper explanation of why the business was worth that much. Because he couldn’t give the sharks an answer, Nick didn’t receive any offers and Ice Age Meals left the tank without a deal.

As of 2020, Ice Age Meals is still in business and has created meals for over 30,000 customers, according to its website. In terms of an Ice Age Meals update after Shark Tank, Nick spoke to Business2Community and said that the company has been growing a lot since the episode aired. “We’ve expanded our operations, purchased a freezer facility, bought all new equipment, took over an office space, and we’re in the process of putting in a large blast chiller,” said Nick. “Lots of things have changed across the board, but the basis of what we’re all about has stayed the same.”

Additionally, for those interested, Nick made a blog post in 2019 recapping his experience on Shark Tank.

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