Ledge Pillow For Women | Shark Tank Season 3

Entrepreneur Amanda Schlechter pitched her pillow company during Shark Tank Season 3. Ledge Pillow is specifically made for women, so that they can sleep more comfortably on their stomach. Will the sharks want to support this product with a deal? Find out in our Ledge Pillow update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Ledge Pillow after Shark Tank!

Amanda Schlechter appeared on Shark Tank Season 3, but walked away without a deal. In terms of a Ledge Pillow update, the company is no longer in business. Since moving on from the company, Amanda has continued to focus on her career as a lawyer.

Shark: Result:
Daymond John No offer
Lori Greiner  No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Kevin O’Leary  No offer
Robert Herjavec  No offer

Shark Tank Ledge Pillow Update

Ledge Pillow update

  • Entrepreneur: Amanda Schlechter 
  • Business: Pillow offering support to well-endowed women
  • Ask: $30,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Amanda walks into the tank to introduce her product, the Ledge Pillow. She is also accompanied by a model, who demonstrates how the Ledge Pillow works, to support her while lying down. 

The Ledge Pillow is a fully-patented, wedge type pillow, that is specifically designed to help women sleep comfortably on their stomach. To use it, you simply place it under the belly, which allows the body to ergonomically lay in the right position for sleeping.

This improves both posture and comfort, and further, Amanda also believes that it can benefit most women. Daymond John wonders why women would choose the Ledge Pillow over just using a small pillow, or just sleeping on their back instead.

Amanda says that some women prefer sleeping on their stomach, but couldn’t because women can find it uncomfortable. However, with the Ledge Pillow, it has special fitting foam and a design that ultimately provides the adequate support that women need. 

It turns out, that Amanda actually came up with the idea for herself to solve her own problem with sleeping comfortably. She went to her fabric store and purchased foam, then, borrowed her mother’s electric turkey-carving knife.

She then carved out the shape of the pillow that was comfortable for her to help her get a good night of sleep.

Lori Greiner asks if Amanda has sold any units, and she admits that it has only been 83 sales so far. She also has no money for advertising.

In addition to this, she is also a single mom, dealing with the whole business by herself, with no money or time. Mark Cuban congratulated her on getting her patent.

However, he is concerned about the lack of sales, especially considering the company has been up for three years. Lori tells Amanda that she appreciates her ingenuity, but considers the product too niche for her preferences.

Kevin O’Leary tells Amanda he doesn’t really see how the product will make money, and eventually goes out.

Lori advises Amanda to change the name, but reiterates that it lacks mass appeal. For this reason, she goes out.

Robert Herjavec follows out, due to having the same issues with the product, especially the lack of demand. 

Amanda then tells the sharks that they are her last hope.

Despite her plea, Daymond John goes out because he doesn’t see how to add value to the business.

Another blow comes from Mark, who thinks Amanda doesn’t want the business hard enough, so he is also out.

Sadly, Amanda had to leave without a deal. Do you think she still managed to succeed following Shark Tank?

Keep reading our Ledge Pillow update to find out.

Our Ledge Pillow update reveals that there was some interest in the product after Amanda’s Shark Tank appearance. However the business never changed enough to sustain that.

In the end, Amanda ultimately had to close the business in 2012, and it has since altogether disappeared. She continues to dedicate time to her law career.

This will be our final Ledge Pillow company update.

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