BrellaBox Umbrella Rental Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Do rainy days make you blue? Are you tired of getting drenched in storms because you’ve paid for a cheap umbrella that failed you right when you needed it most? To help with rain cover, Anusha Kambhampaty and Josh O’Connor bring BrellaBox, the umbrella rental box, to the tank. Will the sharks invest during Shark Tank Season 7? Check out our BrellaBox update to find out.

Shark Tank BrellaBox Update

BrellaBox Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Anusha Kambhampaty and John O’Connor
  • Business: Umbrella rental box
  • Ask: $400,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Anusha and John entered Shark Tank Season 7 eager to convince the sharks to invest in their umbrella rental box, BrellaBox. Featuring premium umbrellas, the business partners wanted to establish a model that would be present in hospitals, university campuses, and other convenient locations.

Mark Cuban was interested in numbers. John said that the umbrella cost $1.50 for 12 hours. If unreturned, users would pay $40 for the umbrella. Universities or other participants would keep 15% while the company would keep 85%. 

John admitted that the company was pre-revenue. They had a trial run that attracted interest, but the umbrellas were free to use during the trial. Kevin O’Leary immediately went out after hearing this, stating that the project was a bad idea.

Mark wanted to know more about what it would cost to make the boxes. For a batch of 50 machines, each would cost $1,150. For a batch of 200, it would be $900. Daymond John wasn’t sold on the practical convenience of the box.

Guest shark Chris Sacca said he wasn’t the one to invest in the BrellaBox because he was from California and rain wasn’t usually a problem. He went out. Mark Cuban followed, as he couldn’t see the profit in the idea.

Barbara Corcoran went out because she thought it was too early to invest at pre-revenue. Kevin continued to goad his fellow sharks against the product and turned to Daymond.

Daymond said he wanted to be respectful of the hard work going into BrellaBox, but he couldn’t invest. He was the last shark to go out.

John and Anusha left Shark Tank Season 7 without a deal. Do you want to know what happened to BrellaBox after this? Keep reading our BrellaBox update to see how the company fared.

Unfortunately, during our BrellaBox update research, we found that it failed to secure enough funding and contracts to keep going. The company ended its run in 2018.

This will be our final BrellaBox update.

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