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Canine bodyguards can be extremely effective in preventing crimes and saving lives during robberies and more. With an average police response time of 7-10 minutes, specially trained dogs can fill in the gap when crime is lurking. That’s why husband and wife duo, Lori and Wade Morrell have made a living out of training dogs to protect their caretaker. What will the sharks think in Season 6 Episode 8? Find out in our Priority One Canine update!

Shark Tank Priority One Canine Update

Priority One Canine Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Lori Morrell and Wade Morrell
  • Business: Canine bodyguards
  • Ask: $75,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Lori entered the tank with her dog just moments before her husband Wade came in pretending to be a burglar.  As Wade “threatened” Lori, the dog attacked Wade, protecting Lori from becoming a victim to crime. The sharks were impressed with the presentation. Lori and Wade shared that at Priority One Canine, they offered specialized training based on the customer’s security needs.

There were 3 different training packages that include a professionally trained canine bodyguard. The lowest training package costs $20,000, while the higher tiers includes additional features for either $30,000 or $40,000. Each dog is hand-selected specifically for the type of lifestyle that the owner lives.

The company had already trained and sold 11 dogs at the time of filming. That equates to about $150,000 dollars in gross revenue. Lori and Wade told the sharks that they netted a profit of about $70,000 dollars.

Interested in being a customer but not an investor, Robert Herjavec dropped out. Kevin O’Leary went out next because he didn’t see a way to invest. Mark Cuban went out next and then Lori Greiner because she didn’t believe she could help them. Daymond John dropped out for the same reason. Ultimately, all of the sharks agreed that Priority One Canine was the type of business that wasn’t really investable.

With none of the sharks making an offer, Lori and Wade were forced to leave the tank without a deal. So what became of their business after the show? Keep reading our Priority One Canine update to find out!

We have exciting news to share! Research for our Priority One Canine update revealed that Lori and Wade managed to grow their business to more than $2 million in revenue per year. They currently have a long waiting of customers, excited to get their very own Priority One Canine. You can find out more about all of their offerings on the Priority One Canine website.

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