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Former bodybuilder Jay Cutler, along with his business partner, Brandan Fokken, pitched their pet product during Shark Tank Season 15. Jay’s Pet Butter is a pet-safe peanut butter product without all the harmful ingredients. Will the sharks get behind their product? Find out in our Jay’s Pet Butter update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Jay’s Pet Butter after Shark Tank!

Jay Cutler and Brandan Fokken appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 but ultimately left without a deal. In terms of a Jay’s Pet Butter update, the company is still in business and seems to be doing well. Hopefully, the duo will be able to use their large social media following to help grow the success of their brand!

Shark: Result:
Daniel Lubetzky  No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Lori Greiner  No offer
Daymond John No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer

Shark Tank Jay’s Pet Butter Update

Jay's Pet Butter update

  • Entrepreneurs: Jay Cutler and Brandan Fokken
  • Business: Peanut butter for dogs
  • Ask: $50,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Founders of Jay’s Pet Butter, Jay Cutler, and Brandan Fokken know that dogs love peanut butter. However, most peanut butter on the market is filled with ingredients that can be harmful to dogs.

Things like salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and xylitol are problematic for dogs, but they appear in many commercial brands of peanut butter. Jay’s Pet Butter is made using ingredients that are beneficial to dogs, including glucosamine for joint health.

In addition to the peanuts, it also contains bananas, blueberries, sweet potatoes, vitamin E, and biotin. Altogether, the product keeps dogs happy and healthy.

Jay’s Pet Butter can be used as a treat, food topper, a cover for medication, or even a distraction during bathing. Additionally, it comes in 4 flavors.

As a 4 time Mr. Olympia winner, Jay says that he cares about everything that he puts into his own body. However, because he loves his dogs so much, he also cares about what they consume too.

With nutrition being his passion, he also runs a large supplement brand called Cutler Nutrition. Further, he adds that he has about 16 million social followers.

Struggling to make the connection between the dogs and Jay’s successful bodybuilding and nutrition career, he explains to the sharks that his dogs are extremely popular. They even have their own Instagram account.

Therefore, it made sense to the business partners to not only make a peanut butter line but one directly for dogs. That said, it is also safe for human consumption, as Jay demonstrates during the pitch.

Likewise, Brandan is also an influencer in his own right and has a following in the lifestyle and nutrition market.

Kevin O’Leary is ready to get down to business and asks about sales. In terms of cost, Jay’s Pet Butter retails for $14.99 and costs $3.10 to make.

Brandan shares that they launched during the previous year, and even had Hyvee come to them right away. Additionally, a big box warehouse was also interested.

They eventually landed in 80 Hyvee locations. Then, the big box warehouse wanted to put the product in 80 of their warehouses in the Northwest region of the country.

Also, using their influence on social media, they were able to sell $39,000 in products to their followers. However, things started to fall apart when they ran into shipping delays.

Mark Cuban jumps in to compliment the taste of the product. However, since it will take some time for customers to appreciate the effectiveness or value of the product, he drops out.

Lori Greiner adds that she cannot have peanuts. Therefore, since she can’t participate in the product, she can’t fully get behind it and eventually drops out.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky is impressed with the entrepreneurs, however, this isn’t the right business for him. He is the third shark to go out.

Daymond John doesn’t know what he could add to the business. Further, he doesn’t think they need a shark, so he goes out next.

With four sharks out, only Kevin O’Leary remains. Mr. Wonderful offers $50,000 for no equity, however he wants a royalty of $1 a jar in perpetuity.

Although they finally received an offer, it’s not one that Jay is willing to take. The other sharks encourage him to counter, but he instead turns down the deal altogether, and the business partners exit the set.

Will Jay and Brandan find success on their own, despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank? Keep reading our Jay’s Pet Butter update to find out!

In terms of a Jay’s Pet Butter update, it’s too soon to share how everything has panned out for their business. However, companies that appear on the show tend to have a nice boost in sales immediately following the airing of their episode.

Hopefully with the help of their large social media followings, Jay and Brandan will be able to keep spreading the news about their brand, and making the sales that they need.

At the time of writing, Jay’s Pet Butter is only available through the Jay’s Pet Butter website. If you have a dog, it may be worth checking out, especially if ingredients are important to you!

Once the dust settles, we will circle back for a more in-dept Jay’s Pet Butter update to see what’s going on with the company.

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