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Mary Ellen Simonsen claims to have a grand idea relating to organizing sticky notes. Her product is an attachment to a laptop or desktop that keeps sticky notes clean and organized. She came onto Season 1 of Shark Tank seeking a $100,000 dollar investment in exchange for 20% equity. Let’s see if Mary Ellen Simonsen was able to secure a deal before we jump ahead and take a look at the Sticky Note Holder update.

Shark Tank Sticky Note Holder Update

Sticky Note Holder update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Mary Ellen Simonsen
  • Business: Sticky Note Holders
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result:  No deal
  • Sharks:  None

Kevin O’Leary started by asking Mary to explain how a sticky note holder was worth $500,000 dollars in terms of its valuation. Mary struggled to convince the sharks of the value of the product. While millions of computers and laptops are used every single day, she admitted that she hadn’t sold a single unit of her sticky note holders.

Things got a little bit worse for Mary when she told the sharks that she planned on selling sticky note holders for $10 per unit. The sharks couldn’t believe it and the feelings in the room certainly made it clear that Mary’s chances of securing a deal were slim to none. 

All five of the sharks quickly dropped out after hearing the full pitch from Mary explaining her Sticky Note Holder product. With almost no sales, no interest, and a valuation of more than $500,000 dollars, Mary was lucky to even have the chance to come onto Shark Tank. There was almost no chance from the very beginning that any of the sharks would make an investment in such a crazy idea.

Now that we know about the pitch, let’s get one final Sticky Note Holder update after Shark Tank. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have ever developed for the brand after appearing on the show. Mary’s idea gained no additional interest and there haven’t been any updates about the product in more than a decade. 

So, it’s safe to say that this will be our only Sticky Note Holder update.

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