shark tank Arber update

Arber Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Vanessa Dawson, a new mother and passionate gardener, sought safe alternatives to synthetic pesticides for her family’s health. This led her to create Arber, an eco-friendly plant care company, addressing her concern for her children and pets.

Will the sharks be invested in Vanessa’s breakthrough product? Let’s find out in our Season 15 Arber update and pitch recap.

Kevin O’LearyRejected offer of $500,000 for a 5% stake+ royalty of $1 per until until $1.5 million is paid
Mark CubanNo offer
Candace NelsonNo offer
Daymond JohnNo offer
Lori Greiner  No offer
  • Entrepreneur: Vanessa Dawson
  • Business: Eco-friendly plant care company
  • Ask: $500,000 investment for a 4% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None 

Shark Tank Arber Pitch  

shark tank Arber update

Vanessa Dawson described her business, Arber, as a fledgling company that had earned $2.7 million last year and expected $4.5 million this year. 

Organic Plant Nourishment
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Arber’s product line includes a popular 16-ounce bottle of organic gardening supplies priced between $21 and $25 and is designed to last a full gardening season.

Vanessa praised her product’s formulations for their uniqueness and efficacy compared to brands in the market, which lacked identical active components. 

She also tried to convince the sharks that Arber could capitalize on customer demand for healthy and eco-friendly products.

Highlighting her focus on safety and sustainability, she offered the sharks a 4% ownership stake in her company for $500,000.

Interestingly, the sharks were impressed by a product line encompassing indoor plants, vegetable gardens, and lawn treatments. This piqued their interest because no other products offered similar active ingredients.

The sharks wanted to know more about Arber’s unique selling points and market potential. 

Specifically, they were curious about the differences between synthetic and natural options within the plant care and pesticide space. Vanessa explained how Arber’s solutions outperform existing products. 

However, the sharks raised concerns about production costs, the scalability of using natural ingredients, and navigating the regulations for plant care products.

Despite her impressive presentation, the sharks were still skeptical about Arber’s market viability. The market’s educational expectations and profit margins mattered more than the company’s income or environmentally friendly products.

Mark Cuban was concerned the company was not making any profit. Because of this, he decided to exit the deal.

Guest shark Candace Nelson felt consumers would need a lot of orientation before switching to Arber’s products, so she dropped out.

Lori Greiner expressed concerns about the market’s complexity and the challenge of marketing a niche product, so she exited the deal.

Daymond passed on the investment, citing a high consumer education hurdle, product niche appeal, and the company’s past losses.

Kevin O’Leary, the sole remaining shark, offered $500,000 with 5% equity and a $1 per unit royalty until the full $1.5 million was paid. Vanessa felt the offer wasn’t good enough, so the negotiation ended without a deal.

Did Vanessa make the right decision to reject Mr. Wonderful’s offer? Let’s find out in our Shark Tank Arber update.

Shark Tank Arber Update

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Vanessa’s business is receiving a lot of attention.

After the show aired, Arber got a massive boost in website traffic, sales, and social media exposure.

Despite not getting a deal, we are confident that Arber will receive a big boost in sales after airing on Shark Tank.

If you’re interested, you can purchase one 16-ounce bottle of Arber on its website for around $25. It should last a year in an indoor garden. Products are also available on Amazon.

Arber’s natural compounds are effective and safe for kids and animals, making them stand out.

Vanessa’s future looks bright, and we can’t wait to see where our next Arber update will take us.

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