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Ruffled bloomers were a popular clothing accessory for babies many years ago, but Amber Schaub struggled to find them when she wanted to give some as a baby gift. That’s why, she and her husband Mark Schaub have created a children’s clothing line that features the timeless ruffles that so many parents love. Will their company earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 5? Find out in our RuffleButts update!

Shark Tank RuffleButts Update

RuffleButts Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Amber Schaub, Mark Schaub
  • Business: Children’s fashion
  • Ask: $600,0000 in exchange for 7% equity
  • Result: $600,000, to be repaid in the next two years, in exchange for 9% equity
  • Sharks: Lori Greiner

Amber and Mark entered the tank with their two little kids, who modeled clothing items from their line, RuffleButts. Their products were for girls up to age 6, but after many requests for boys items, they branched out into a boys line as well. 

The husband and wife shared that they have been very profitable, with $3.7 million in sales during the year prior to filming, and they were on track to make $5 million in the then-current year. They were proud to include that they carried no debt and they shared the company, each owning about half.

Alarm bells went off when the pair told the sharks they had 2,700 SKUs in their line. Kevin O’Leary said it was a mistake to carry so much inventory, and eventually went out. Mark Cuban said he didn’t want to invest in the fashion industry, so he too went out. Robert Herjavec complimented the two for staying out of debt, but said the fashion industry wasn’t for him, either, so he was the next shark out. 

Barbara Corcoran offered $600,000 for 12% equity, with half of the money in cash, and the other half as a credit line. Lori Greiner was also interested, offering $600,000 in exchange for 10%, but she wanted half of the money repaid the first year, with the other half being paid back the second year. The two sharks bickered a bit over the merits of their strengths before the Schaubs stepped away to discuss the offers.

When the Schaubs returned, they countered with an offer for $600,000 in exchange for 8% equity. Barbara asked them to raise the equity to 10%, but Amber declined. Lori then jumped in and said she would accept an equity of 9%, and the Schaubs accepted Lori’s deal. What happened next for their company? Keep reading our RuffleButts update to find out! 

Research for our Rufflebutts update revealed that the deal with Lori was never finalized, but the company is still thriving in 2023 and has an estimated yearly revenue of $7 million. Products available on the RuffleButts website, at Nordstrom, and on Amazon, among other retailers.

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