The Skinny Mirror Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Belinda Jasmine aims to make people feel good about themselves with her company, The Skinny Mirror. These specially-designed mirrors help people look 5-10 pounds lighter, which can in turn help them feel good about themselves – or that’s the idea, anyway. The sharks may not agree. Let’s find out what happens when Belinda brings her mirror to Shark Tank Season 7 in our Skinny Mirror update and recap. 

Shark Tank The Skinny Mirror Update

The Skinny Mirror Update

  • Entrepreneur: Belinda Jasmine
  • Business: Mirror that makes you appear slimmer than you are
  • Ask: $200,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

The Skinny Mirror was a product aimed at self-image issues. Belinda wanted to make women feel good about themselves, hoping that they’ll feel better at the same time. She claimed the mirror helped you see your true self. During the pitch, Lori Greiner and Daymond John tried it out, and Daymond said he needed one!

Kevin O’Leary, though, feels differently. He said that this is based on lies, and this opinion was only reinforced when Belinda revealed that her biggest customer was retailers aiming to convince women to purchase more clothes. 

So far, Belinda sold 350 Skinny Mirrors for $85,000. Robert Herjavec was concerned about transparency. Retailers weren’t telling people they used skinny mirrors, but Belinda countered that her logo was visible in the corner. Kevin was very much against his idea, so he went out and forbade the other sharks from investing.

Mark Cuban agreed, stating that he didn’t want to be involved. He went out, followed by Robert. Daymond said that the product was dangerous because it could mess with health – physical and mental. He went out. Lori followed, stating that she had a problem with stores using it. So where’s the company now? Find out in our Skinny Mirror update.

Unfortunately, our Skinny Mirror update research revealed terrible news. The Skinny Mirror never really took off. Seven months after the show aired, The Skinny Mirror closed. You can no longer purchase these mirrors at any retailer.

This will be our final The Skinny Mirror update.

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