Storm Stoppers Update

Storm Stoppers Window Protection Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Hurricanes affect millions of people every year. John D. Smith wanted to provide homeowners with a better way of boarding up windows during storm preperations. His window coverings are are a great solution. Will the sharks be impressed with his product on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our Storm Stoppers update!

Shark Tank Storm Stoppers Update

Storm Stoppers Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  John D. Smith
  • Business: Hurricane protection for windows
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Instead of going through the tedious process of placing plywood over all of your house’s windows before a hurricane, John is confident that his solution is much more convenient and effective. Simply align the unit over the window and use a simple hammer to tap the board into place on each corner. Storm Stoppers protector kits can easily be removed after use, and cost $85.00.

John also explained how his company has recently experienced a drop off in sales.  Several years before appearing on Shark Tank, his company managed to generate more than $1.6 million in sales while only managing to generate a little over $200,000 in the most recent calendar year to filming. This was a big red flag for the sharks and all of them agreed that it seemed odd that such a significant drop off in sales had occurred.

Due to the incredible risks that exist within the Storm Stoppers company, all five sharks dropped out without making an offer. While this product was intriguing and useful, all of the sharks agreed that it wasn’t an investable business. What became of John’s company after he was forced to leave without an offer? Keep reading our Storm Stoppers update to find out!

You might be shocked to learn that this business is thriving, despite their bad outcome on the show. Our Storm Stoppers update research revealed that the company has rebranded and generates millions in gross revenue every year. You can find out more about their products on the Storm Stoppers website.

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